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  • Ben Rosenthal posted 3281 days ago

    Ben Rosenthal

    Sure thing, Allen!

  • Dan Israeli posted 3335 days ago

    Dan Israeli

    Hey Allen, check out my new list on fantasy's biggest winners of the preseason!

  • Adam Davis posted 3338 days ago

    Adam Davis

    Hey Allen, who is the Allen Kim of b/r NHL?

  • Nicholas Goss posted 3344 days ago

    Nicholas Goss

    Thanks for the Felton edit, apologies for that.

  • Anthony Kang posted 3345 days ago

    Anthony Kang

    Whoa you got the BR staff decal, congrats! So you actually workin' at the SF offices?

  • Matt Jones posted 3373 days ago

    Matt Jones

    Thanks for the LIKE on the NBA and Rock and Roll article. I am glad that you saw it.

  • Rich Fernandes posted 3434 days ago

    Rich Fernandes

    Thanks for changing the title up an keeping the Raptors in there...especially since the first slide is all abut them.

  • Delores Smith-Johnson posted 3477 days ago

    Delores Smith-Johnson

    No problem, Allen.

  • Jonathan Yeung posted 3564 days ago

    Jonathan Yeung

    hey can you do an article on who are the top NBA players from their respective cities? like dwade and rose from chicago. or hamilton and kobe from pennsylvania

  • Swoosh Nation posted 3564 days ago

    Swoosh Nation

    Allen, I've seen your work here on B/R and was wondering if you would like to write for a future site, Swoosh Nation. If you have any interest, please contact me ( ) and I can give you full details on the position and plans for the site.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you!