Duane Rogowski

Duane Rogowski


I grew up in San Francisco, surrounded by college and pro sports. I cheered on the 49ers way before they won their first Super Bowl and sat in the bleachers of Candlestick Park to watch Willie McCovey, Juan Marichal, and Bobby Bonds (Barry’s dad) play for the Giants. At an early age I would go to different sporting events throughout the greater Bay Area with my buddies. Basketball, football, baseball and softball, hockey, soccer, roller derby, we were not picky; games were cheap and plentiful.

In my late teens my interest started to focus on college sports; I loved the pageantry, spirit, and people playing for the pure love of the game. There are many colleges in the Bay Area so my appetite for college sports was filled all year round. I kept up with everything from division 1A football to junior college women’s softball.

Today I am a part owner of a software firm in Salt Lake City and my passion for college sports still burns hot. I am a numbers and stat freak, I love analyzing the facts and figures of the teams and games.

I have had the opportunity to combine my passion for college sports with my expertise in software programming. Years ago I wrote an algorithm to rank football teams which has provided some interesting results, most weeks my rankings are very similar to the BCS rankings which are compiled from 2 human polls and 6 different computer rankings. The lastest rankings can be viewed at www.bluesprouttech.com/football.aspx.

I enjoy researching stats and trends, most of my articles will be written centered around some set of numbers. I also enjoy following the history of schools and teams and passing this knowledge on to others, I believe an informed sports fan is a better sports fan.

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