Senior Writer Jason King joined Bleacher Report and Turner Sports in December of 2013. Prior to that he was a national college basketball reporter at ESPN.com. He also spent four years covering college football and college basketball at Yahoo! Sports and was a longtime writer at The Kansas City Star.

King's work has received mention in the popular book series "Best American Sportswriting" and he's been honored numerous times by the APSE, USBWA and FWAA. King has also authored two books, including the 2011 best-seller "Beyond the Phog: Untold Stories from Kansas Basketball's Most Dominant Decade." In the spring of 2015, King was tabbed as one of the top three beat writers in the nation (in any sport) by the APSE.

King grew up in Dallas and graduated from Baylor. He now resides in Kansas City.

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  • Top Running Back 2018:
    Trayveon Williams SO 733(rush)/180(rec)
    Jonathan Taylor FR 1806/54
    J.K. Dobbins FR 1190/130
    Cam Akers FR 813/102
    D'Andre Swift FR 509/129
    Travis Etienne FR 720/49
    Tavien Feaster SO 637/107
    Stephen Carr FR 321/189
    Najee Harris FR 306/23

    Top Quarterback 2018:
    Jacob Eason
    Drew Lock
    Shea Patterson
    K.J. Costello
    Justin Herbert
    Shane Buechele
    Jake Fromm
    Sam Ehlinger
    Hunter Johnson
    Myles Brennan
    Tua Tagovailoa
    Davis Mills
    Dylan McCaffrey
    Trevor Lawrence
    Justin Fields

  • Tom Hanson posted 979 days ago

    Tom Hanson

    Mr. King, your piece on Kris Jenkins is truly excellent - With 1 Shot, Villanova Cements Its Place as One of College Hoops' Top Programs. Loved it. Great read!

  • Cole Reece posted 1070 days ago

    Cole Reece

    I absolutely loved your article on Buddy! It was a truly touching story.

  • Henry Leopold posted 1196 days ago

    Henry Leopold

    Hey Mr. King, I am a student in Mr. Tate's 7th Hour Journalism class. I just wanted to thank you for coming in and letting us interview you today. It was awesome to meet you!

  • Simon Billing posted 1286 days ago

    Simon Billing

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  • Simon Billing posted 1286 days ago

    Simon Billing

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  • Wayne Carrier posted 1414 days ago

    Wayne Carrier

    Haven't heard a peep since your disproved article from 3 months ago regarding Coach T. You succeeded in one single article in casting a damper over the biggest success story of the college basketball season and should feel really proud of yourself. From all of the data I have gathered, once Tennessee basketball is out from under your phony cloud, zero punishment will be dealt to Coach Tyndall by the NCAA. The price of success is paved with potholes and you fell into one, my friend! Once the smoke clears you can count on your article being brought back to light in proper context.

  • Austin Jacobs posted 1471 days ago

    Austin Jacobs


    I am a founder of the National Collegiate Student Section Association, and we are planning a national convention.

    The National Collegiate Student Section Association is an organization focused on enhancing and improving the collegiate student fan experience across the nation. It is our goal to bring student section leaders together to collaborate and build a stronger collegiate atmosphere while utilizing integrity and sportsmanship.

    We want to unite a nation of student sections. One of the ways that we will do this is through our First Annual NCSSA National Convention. At that convention, we will be building a community that can address the issues faced amongst student-fans, including how to increase student attendance at all athletic events. We want each participant to walkaway with the knowledge and tools to not only make their student section the best that it can possibly be, but also to have a huge impact on their respective campuses.

    Some of the workshops that will be lead at the conference are social media, leadership strategies, problems facing different sizes of schools, intraconference issues, and sportsmanship. The conference will take place over the course of four days in the middle of June.

    This is the first time that student sections from across the national and from different NCAA conferences will all come together in the same room, and we believe that the amount of positive change that can stem from this convention can change the landscape of collegiate athletics.

    I would love to be in touch to talk about this more in depth.

  • Alicia Conlon posted 1479 days ago

    Alicia Conlon

    Great job on your Kamala article! Just one concern though. In the article, you mention that doctors tried to convince him to start dialysis treatments for over 20 years... This is puzzling to me. (Side note: I am a nurse, so I have the education to ask this question) Dialysis is for people in end stage renal (kidney) failure, and yes, diabetics often struggle with renal failure due to the excess glucose (sugar) in the blood being damaging to the blood vessels in the kidneys. My point is this: you cannot survive in end stage renal failure for 20 years, as the toxins unable to be filtered out of the blood by the kidneys build up and cause death within a relatively short period of time. Did you mean to say treatments for diabetes, such as weight loss, carb counting, and insulin? You might want to clarify that one! :)

  • Scott HerrNeckar posted 1479 days ago

    Scott HerrNeckar

    Great, fascinating article about Kamala, Jason. Something I'd expect to read in Sports Illustrated or as a feature in a major newspaper or non-sports magazine, not B/R.