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Cover the NFL Draft and some basic NFL topics.

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  • Tony Mirenda posted 2080 days ago

    Tony Mirenda

    Maybe you should switch to badminton since you obviously know NOTHING about football. Marcus Martin is a stud plain and simple and all of the whining you did on his abilities shows you obviously have NO knowledge of football. Let me guess, you have never played a single down of organized football in your life...

  • Conan Chen posted 2081 days ago

    Conan Chen

    Chicago should feel ashamed to have an ignorant fan like you with mouthful of nothing but shit. You wanna troll? Go somewhere else but don't call yourself a "feature columnist" while you are purely trolling. You like talking about reach huh? How about I give you some names. Shea McLellin, Kyle Long, Jon Bostic, Ego Ferguson? Sounds familiar huh? Don't you hate on Shazier and Roby when they ripped your pathetic Penn State apart 63-14. Yeah 63-14 you sucker!!!!!!!

  • Ronnie Dickens posted 2412 days ago

    Ronnie  Dickens

    Is there no end to the ignorant and uninformed writers on B/R? There is "no upside to Kevin Kolb"?. I am sure that you are right, over the research and coaching of the entire Bills organization?! Stop this crap! Kevin Kolb started every college game for 4 years under now Baylor Coach Art Briles (who knows more than you ever will), and Kevin played well for the Eagles and Cardinals, when he was not beiing allowed to be thrown around like a rag doll by bad offensive lines. He started the season 4-0 for the Cardinals, beating the Patriots, and then broke several ribs loose from his sternum. He battled back like some would not have, his "union price" was high and now the Bills want him. You will be eating crow this season, about your Kolb statements. Just wait and see. Kevin Kolb is the real deal.

  • Colton G posted 2417 days ago

    Colton G

    That article about Clowney was LITERALLY the worst article I have read. It's fun to explore other possiblities for prospects better than Jadeveon, but don't write an article about it. You made a complete ass out of yourself.

  • Null Hypothesis posted 2430 days ago

    Null Hypothesis

    After reading your "fastest players in the NFL" article...I will never read another article from you again. Embarrassing and put together with no real thought. Then you go to the comments and justify the fact that you just randomly put together a list of fast players and ranked them as you see fit. AMAZING. Stick to covering the draft or whatever else you do. Good luck jibroni

  • kevin harkreader posted 2568 days ago

    kevin harkreader

    Big Junda---who is "incompetent", "high", "drunk" or "insane" now? All Jon did was write a great piece and OVER ESTIMATE Steelers win total in 2nd half. Kind of ironic the two second half teams you chose to point out as "no way" Steelers lose to (Dallas & San Diego) were the two losses that were most costly and one (San Diego) was maybe worst played game of season. Maybe this will cause you to check yourself before you totally blast a guy (and a respected, intelligent guy, at that) for doing his job and posting his opinion and analyses.

  • Big Junda posted 2631 days ago

    Big  Junda

    Jon, I'm curious which two teams you see the Steelers losing to in the second half of the season? Was beating the league champs in NY decisively not enough evidence that they should sweep the second half of the season? Number 1 defense in the league without their most dynamic, and arguably best defensive player, and you see them losing TWO games in the final eight? Who in the second half of the season will have a prayer once Polamalu gets back? Who are they going to lose to, San Diego? Dallas? Seriously, are you incompetent? high? drunk? insane? I'm predicting a Bears/Steelers Super Bowl with the Steelers winning their 7th Lombardi trophy.

  • Gianluca Trigoni posted 2688 days ago

    Gianluca Trigoni

    Hi Jon,
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  • Henry Brown posted 2703 days ago

    Henry Brown

    What's happening Jon!

    I've been a writer for B/R since November, and love writing for the site.

    I recently wrote a piece on NFL quarterback rankings for opening day projected starters. Although the article is just two days old, and has received a little over 1,200 hits, I was wondering how I can push my articles out into the mainstream.

    I would love to have your input and would greatly appreciate it much.

    Hit me back as soon as possible. Thanks!

  • adam c posted 2707 days ago

    adam c

    Take a math course and actually learn how percentages work, you fucking moron.