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  • Jim R posted 1308 days ago

    Jim R

    I respectfully disagree with your article that John Cena must take clean loss from Roman Reigns at No Mercy and give Roman the spot. ROMAN DOES NOT DESERVE THE SPOT!

    John cena > 2 moves Roman Reigns by a long shot. The main reason people hated Cena was not because of his wrestling but because between 2005-2012 he used to win almost all his matches and feuds and buried other wrestlers. but that John Cena has changed and now put over young guys like Punk, Aj Styles, Dean Ambrose, Sinshuke Nakamura and more over cleanly. Also John Cena had some of the best matches in WWE history (vs Edge TLC at Unforgiven 2006, vs HBK at WM 23, vs Punk at MITB 2011, vs Styles at SummerSlam 2016, just to name a few). Comapare Roman's best matches to Cena's best matches, and Roman's best matches are total trash. even Khali vs Batista Punabi Prison match in 2007 was better than any Roman reigns match so far. Reign's best days were in the Shield, but Rollins and Ambrose would do all the hard work, and Roman would just hit a finisher and get the pin. John Cena is amazing on the mic and hes been the best promo cutter in WWE since Rock. With Cena the crowd never completely hated him, they were divided 50-50, "lets go Cena", and "Cena sucks". But no one denies his wrestling skills and mic skills, the 5 moves of doom is a lie, he does plenty of moves, variety of submissions and top rope moves, stunner, monkey flips, plancha and the list goes on and on and he is one of the most charismatic wrestler on the mic in WWE history. With Roman Reigns, he sucks totally. He has main evented the last 3 WMs and all he did in the entire matches were superman punch and spear, and he is so slow and sloppy and needed 3 old part timers who could still perform better than him to carry his lazy azz in the last 3 WMs. He is terrible talker, his promos are robotic and has 0 emotions, and for the last couple of months its just been "its my yard, i retired the dead man", the same lame craap again and again. Unlike in the case of Cena where the crowd was divided 50-50, almost 100% hate Roman Reigns. he sucks, he is the worst main event level wrestler we have ever seen, even his cousin the late 700 pounds Yokozuna could do more moves and perform better than him. You might say that its wwe management who assigns moves, but fact is wrestlers are assigned moves based on their ability to perform, and saying something like that implies someone like Big Show could perform a moonassult which is a joke. Roman's matches usually involves only two moves superman punch and spear, and sometimes a lame drive by, but he can't do anything else. He has never performed basic submission holds like chin lock which everyone can, letr alone top rope acrobatic moves, not even the simplest top rope shoulder tackle, and Cena can do and has done numerous top rope moves over the years, including his early years. Its been 5 years on the main roster (by which time guys like Rock, HHH and Cena already showed their talents and became top main eventers), and in this 5 years Roman has 0 improvement in his in ring work, 0 improvement in his promos and mic skills, and his matches have 0 emotions. Roman Reigns sucks totally!

    I do agree Cena's been the top guy a long time and needs to be replaced. But he should be replaced by someone with real talents like Ambrose, Rollins, Strowman, Balor, Wyatt or any other talented guy who is bot good in the ring, on the mic and has the charisma to be the top guy in WWE. But someone like Cena should never be replaced by the piece of trash Roman Reigns!

  • Alex Norton posted 1739 days ago

    Alex Norton

    Crosby won another cup #umad?

  • AJ Singh posted 1917 days ago

    AJ Singh

    you sad little man

  • Cory Osborn posted 1972 days ago

    Cory Osborn

    OMG! Please oh please start a ring rust weekly segment where you talk like Brie Bella. Every time you do it is podcast comedy gold. Honestly it's the only thing that evens out how much Mike Chiari sucks. On a side note, I wish I could mace Mike Chiari in the face with a whole can, and not that cheap pepper spray crap, I'm talking the sticky gel.

  • Stephen Nixon posted 2039 days ago

    Stephen Nixon

    Tell the web team to change your title on the WWE Stream. It says "Redicting" when it should say "Predicting". Just a heads up, and another reason why BR is a joke.

  • Jake Northrup posted 2079 days ago

    Jake Northrup

    I just looked at the grades you did for the 2012 NFL draft and you failed big time.

  • Sam White posted 2091 days ago

    Sam White

    Can you not do the grades for any more wwe events? Your grades were ridiculous, no post match dot points, no commentary highlights. Just don't write for wwe anymore

  • baller baller posted 2211 days ago

    baller baller

    Hey Donald. I hope you are well. What's up with the TNA articles? We haven't seen one in many weeks.

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  • Carolina Sunshine posted 2216 days ago

    Carolina Sunshine

    Not everyone that watches anything to do with WWE wants Daniel Bryan in a match on tv every week or shoved in our faces in every PPV just make a few people stop crying. The match for the IC Champ Belt would've been great just between Dean Ambrose & Wade Barrett, but no, they had to make it a ladder match, and add 15 more people just so they could throw Daniel Bryan in there. I also think Ambrose could bring prestige to the IC belt. He is, after all, the longest reigning U.S. Champ in WWE history. Like the song from "Frozen" goes, LET IT GO AND LET DANIEL BRYAN GO. LORD KNOWS, MOST OF THE REST OF US HAVE.