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I'm a big fan of just about any sport, but I'm particularly crazy about Liverpool FC, Florida Gators, Memphis Tigers/Grizzlies, St. Louis Cardinals, tennis, swimming, gymnastics and any sport that is somewhat obscure.

I graduated from University of Florida with a degree in Journalism, and I started writing for B/R in 2010. I'm the Assignment Editor for the Bleacher Report Writing Internship, and if you're interested in becoming a sportswriter or writing for B/R, check it out:

You can follow me on twitter @neristein,

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  • Richard Gubitosi posted 2547 days ago

    Richard Gubitosi

    Hi, Neri. Tim alerted me to a situation where I unintentionally may have offended you and other women by changing a plural pronoun to a singular female pronoun in a sentence that had a negative connotation. Please note that it was not my intent to offend; I was attempting to make the sentence grammatically correct and felt tired of seeing so many "he's" and "him's" in the article. I apologize for the unintentional fallout and appreciate you bringing it up. It's been addressed.

  • Mista Amazing posted 2785 days ago

    Mista Amazing


  • Eric Boakye Antwi posted 2785 days ago

    Eric Boakye Antwi

    Hi Neri,

    this is Eric Boakye Antwi a sportswriter and a fellow Liverpool fan..I applied for the Sports Media Internship in January but my application was declined.I am sending in an application for the next class.Please view it favorably, please? Thanks very much indeed.

    Eric Boakye Antwi

  • Matt Madsen posted 3139 days ago

    Matt Madsen

    Hey Neri, thanks for the props. Long time no see. I guess that's the life of an LP fan, eh? ;)

  • Prashant Adhikari posted 3144 days ago

    Prashant Adhikari

    HI Neri great article

  • Kyle Stanzel posted 3153 days ago

    Kyle Stanzel

    Thanks for the edit Neri!

  • Scott Carasik posted 3179 days ago

    Scott Carasik

    My sister is a Gator... I'll have to share with her that my internship boss is a Gator too.

  • Riley Kontek posted 3186 days ago

    Riley Kontek

    Thanks for the edit! You're the best, Neri!

  • Mr 999 posted 3216 days ago

    Mr 999

    Yeah, seems as though Dalglish is getting a free pass from the media. AVB was destroyed week in week out for a lot better results. Will be interesting to see what happens if result don't improve. Did you see Gerrard telling him to sod off when Reina was sent off yesterday? What was that all about? I'm actually hoping for a Liverpool-Chelsea final. Excellent chance for Torres to finally put the demons to rest.

  • Mr 999 posted 3216 days ago

    Mr 999

    I'm not really around as such. Think BR has gone massively down hill since I first signed up. Loads of quality writers have left, hence my surprise at seeing you still here. What's your take on Liverpool and Dalglish?