Ryan Comstock

Ryan Comstock


I'm a pretty big sports fan. I believe you can learn a lot of life lessons through sports if you view them the right way. I grew up in New York, but the only NY team I really like is the Mets. My first love was basketball, although, like many, I can't get enough football and also have a deep affection for boxing. I have spent some time in Georgia and am currently living in Vermont.

If you'd like to discuss something with me, feel free to send me a message here on Bleacher Report, or you can get at me through my e-mail: ryan.comstock@gmail.com

I also run a blog analyzing commercials (http://psychommercials.com) and am in the process of developing a webcomic among other endeavors.

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  • space posted 3487 days ago


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  • John Bush posted 3507 days ago

    John Bush

    Hey Ryan I was wondering if I could have you on The Chris Gros Show at WKTN Knightcast, UCF's Student run radio program for an on-air interview concerning the Falcon's offseason plans and draft strategy this Friday anywhere from 2-4. Email me back at CGrosUCF@knights.ucf.edu. Thank you and sorry for the short notice.

  • John Phen posted 3520 days ago

    John Phen

    hey dood check it out :


    tell me what you think !

  • John Phen posted 3523 days ago

    John Phen

    yo dood, what do you think ?


  • Delores Smith-Johnson posted 3530 days ago

    Delores Smith-Johnson

    You're welcome!

  • Lance Morrison posted 3547 days ago

    Lance Morrison

    Ryan your greatest power fowards article inspired this piece:

    Let me know what you think.

  • Kevin C. posted 3555 days ago

    Kevin C.

    Such a great writer from what I've seen, you deserve more fans!

  • Kevin C. posted 3555 days ago

    Kevin C.

    Such a great writer from what I've seen, you deserve more fans!

  • Thomas H. posted 3555 days ago

    Thomas H.