FirstGlance Gone

FirstGlance Gone


See Kelly McAvoy for previous bio before he became a ghost if you dare enter that realm.

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  • Nancy Walker posted 3386 days ago

    Nancy Walker

    Glad to locate your new incarnation, Kelly. Can't hurt to have more than one!

    I've had comments disappear and just as mysteriously return. It happened when I offered to take a nice comment about Auburn.

  • Larry Burton posted 3627 days ago

    Larry Burton

    Thanks for the Fan Vote.

  • 12 posted 3628 days ago


    Stats: Thought you might be entertained by this. Thanks in advance for the read.


  • FirstGlance Gone posted 3628 days ago

    FirstGlance Gone

    I think that's EVERYONE whom I adore their writing or who were my fans. If I offended ANY of you, please, I know I can be firm but I meant no offense. Henry Ball is the only one I know who I challenged publicly on an OLD article that, to my knowledge, only he, Franklin, and myself have read since so long ago. Others I've sent private messages to when I thought wisdom dictated to not look like public chatsisement. Forgive me if I erred in judgement. I'm not sure WHY my "Kelly McAvoy" account had all comments deleted. I can't get in touch with b/r withou opening a forum ID but I will if I must and we can take my threads all the way back to creation. All take care.

  • Patrick Ferlise posted 3628 days ago

    Patrick Ferlise

    Thanks for becoming a fan!