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Born and raised in the lovely little town of Santa Rosa, Calif., Ryan went to San Diego State for college once his wings grew out. He entered the school when administration was making a concerted effort to shed its image of Playboy's Top 10 Party Schools. Ryan would like to thank SDSU for restricting students from hauling kegs up dorm stairways-if that had continued he surely would still be in school.

Ryan went on to graduate with a B.A. in journalism. He's worked for the Healdsburg Tribune and Windsor Times in California, freelanced for the San Francisco Chronicle, wrote music reviews for while he was in Portland, and appeared in an increasing amount of sports blogs.

Ryan joined Bleacher Report in hopes that journalism is still alive and well (in some form or another), and find a place to interact with readers in a positive, constructive manner. Ryan hopes everyone likes his articles and they find him to be an intelligent, witty young man...with a quill of gold.!/RyanRudnansky

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  • Cosmo Sanicola posted 2710 days ago

    Cosmo Sanicola

    worst writer

  • Joseph Fulco posted 2732 days ago

    Joseph Fulco

    Ronald -
    A dive is recognized as:

    a separation in time between the impact and the simulation

    a lack of ballistic continuity (the player moves further than would be expected from the momentum of the tackle)

    lack of contact consistency (the player nurses a body part other than where the impact occurred, such as contact to the chest causing the player to fly to the ground, holding his face).

  • Ryan Rudnansky posted 2732 days ago

    Ryan Rudnansky

    I appreciate your opinion, Ronald. Have a nice day :)

  • Ronald Valverde posted 2732 days ago

    Ronald Valverde

    Awful opinionated, skewed, biased, uninformed, arrogant 'article' on Costa Rica and the snow game... 1. Try growing up watching and playing soccer at least 2 times a week every week since you have cognitive abilities - I know this is now impossible for you to do... - This is why you will never have enough understanding of the sport to be capable of writing a better article on the subject. 2 The Denver game should have been cancelled after the first 15 minutes due to multiple regulation violations incuding but not limited to : field invasion, lack of field delineation visibility... Failure to have done so proves the corruption in concacaf that repeatedly favors richer countries in the region (e.g. USA/Mexico). They present a more lucrative business to all parties involved once the regional/world tournaments are played. 3. Of course gringos can't control the weather. Its idiotic to even imply such thing. It's not a matter of controlling the weather, it's a matter of common sense that takes us back to point #2. Stopping and rescheduling an OFFICIAL match that is not playable under such weather conditions. (Don't tell me that's the ref's job when the US representatives fooled the Costarican representatives into walking to a board room for a meeting while the US people including Klinsmann pressure the ref to play the game on.) 4. I could go on and on with case after case but I dont have the time to hold your hand and walk you through the reality of things, when you inadvertently have a screen over your eyes that paired up with your limited understanding of the sport prevents you from making proper judgements.

  • Ryan Rudnansky posted 2733 days ago

    Ryan Rudnansky

    Thanks Kay. Typo. Much love.

  • Kay Jennings posted 2734 days ago

    Kay Jennings

    Ryan, Pharaoh Brown is spelled wrong in your Oregon vs. Virginia preview.

  • Fernando Torres posted 2818 days ago

    Fernando Torres

    I have a question relating to your article about Manchester City- how come some teams are signing players now ? I thought the transfer window started in July

  • EDWARD BONDY posted 2849 days ago


    The courts at the Lindner Family Tennis Center in Mason, OH, site of the Southern & Western Tennis Tournament ("Cincinnati") are HARD, not clay! I've attended for many years.

  • Angus Mullane posted 2851 days ago

    Angus Mullane

    RE: Possibility of Ronaldo Returning to ManUnited

    Hey Ryan,

    A group of Manchester United football supporters have developed an innovative viral campaign called "Bring Ronaldo Home" that would allow the club's reported 659 million fans around the world to make a pledge via a unique crowd-funding website to buy Cristiano Ronaldo back to the club.

    Following up with the campaign is a heart-felt campaign video similar to that of the "Kony Phenomenon":

    With all the shocks to the ManUnited Football Club at the moment (Fergie stepping down and Rooney rumoured leaving) the club and more importantly the fans are in need of something to get behind!

    The campaign launched only a few days ago with thousands of pledges already rolling in.

    Here is the link to the website:

    If you would like any more information please let me know.
    Thanks again!

  • Neil BEN AMMAR posted 2852 days ago

    Neil BEN AMMAR

    Get your facts straight fake journalist: Djokovic did not practice for 12 days because he was injured with a torn ankle and did not even know if he was going to play at Madrid until the last few days before the start of the tournament. At Monte-Carlo he wasn't even sure to play either. So I suggest that instead of hating on everybody else's success you go out and learn a thing or two about journalism.