Jess K. Coleman

Jess K. Coleman


Jess K. Coleman is a sportswriter and a weekly podcast host. He was born on January 26, 1994 in New York City.

In July 2009, Jess began covering the New York Yankees with a blog on, and his entries were featured on the homepage multiple times. In the fourth month of the blogs existence, it became the fifth most visited blog on the entire site.

In January 2010, Jess came in contact with, a new, innovative sports analysis Web site. Jess was the most read columnist on the site for all the six months he spent there.

Jess was then accepted as the New York Yankees Examiner at in June 2010. He was a leading provider of New York Yankees news, and his analysis is still published on the site. Jess also spent time as a reporter for The Tribeca Trib, a local newspaper, reporting from local sports games and writing game recaps.

During the next three months, Jess teamed up with,,, and

At, Jess, among hundreds of applicants, was accepted as a featured columnist in September 2010, and was a top five Yankees columnist for three straight months. For, he wrote a review of Strike XI by Paul Londardo.

In October 2010, Jess founded Bronx Weekly, a weekly newsletter that features his top analysis of the week. (Terminated in January 2011.)

After appearing as a guest on What’s on Second: The Radio Hour in November 2010, Jess became the co-host of the show along with Steve Lenox of 1050 ESPN New York. He has interviewed guests such as Jordan Kobritz of, Cory Provus, play-by-play announcer on WTMJ-AM and the Brewers Radio Network, and former Major League Baseball reliever Bob Locker.

Jess’ article written in response to the Vernon Wells trade to the Angels was featured on’s MLB homepage in January 2011. Jess was also chosen as the host of A Bite Off The Big Apple, a weekly podcast focusing on the New York Yankees and New York Mets.

Jess is 17 years old and lives in New York City. His work is currently published on,,,, and, and you can listen to him live on What’s on Second: The Radio Hour Monday nights at 9pm, Eastern.

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    Scott Gyurina

    Hey baseball fans,
    Please check out my latest article on the war of words between Texas and the Yankees....
    Thank you, I appreciate it!

  • Scott Gyurina posted 3391 days ago

    Scott Gyurina

    Hey baseball fans, please check out my latest article breaking down the top candidates for the 2010 AL MVP award...and be sure to let me know if I forgot anyone...thank you

  • Zack Jones posted 3410 days ago

    Zack Jones

    I wouldn't bother engaging in further discuissions with Herman.
    Someone who will compare Yankees fans to Nazis is someone you can't win an argument with.

  • Scott Gyurina posted 3447 days ago

    Scott Gyurina

    Hey Jess,

    I was just trying to reach out to a few Yankee community members to see if any of them may be interested in my most recent Yankee piece on the current state of the Yankee bullpen.
    It took some effort to compile, and I'm afraid it got lost in the avalanche of everyone writing the exact same story about "Jeter cheating" and didn't get more than a handful of reads.
    If you find a moment, please check it out, I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you sincerely,
    Scott Gyurina