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I love to read sports analyses and sports history. I enjoy reading the articles of the many talented writers here on B/R, and I especially appreciate those who try to write in as fair and unbiased as possible manner when dealing with favorite/hated teams. My primary interest is in the NBA, where the majority of my writings are bound to be about. But I also have interests in other sports as well--generally at the pro level.

Feel free to send me ideas for articles as I will consider them all. Thanks to everyone for your support.

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  • Kwame Fisher-Jones posted 3441 days ago

    Kwame Fisher-Jones

    Appreciate the love Ethan.

  • Mark SJ posted 3524 days ago

    Mark SJ


    Good day!

    I just wanna ask are you a pilot?

  • Rich Fernandes posted 3566 days ago

    Rich Fernandes

    Hey Ethan,
    The following message was left for us on our last article:

    Hayk Jernazian

    Ethan and Rich, I enjoy both of your articles. You are incredibly knowledgable basketball fans, and great writers.

    With that said, the entire time I was reading your article I found myself trying to lean to one side or the other, putting aside my hate for LBJ. But I was unable to do so, you both made great arguments and it's hard to argue against one or the other.

    Here's my take though: If and when LBJ is able to get "his mind right" he will be the most dominant basketball player we have ever seen. I hate the kid, but he has the fundamental physicality and talent to do things we have only seen on NBA Jam. The guy's a monster. I hate him, I feel sorry for him (after the Heat's loss), and I want to see him go up in flames. But the guy will be great, and I can't explain it... neither can basketball knowledge, history or statistics, because I feel it doesn't apply to him.

    With that said, I feel the comparisons should be made against Kobe, rather than Jordan... a player still in the league and still dominant. Let the "King" worry about passing Kobe, then think about tackling the G.O.A.T.

    I am a Psychologist, and would love to work in the NBA as a sports Psychologist. I feel if you subtracted the "yes" men from the "king" James equation and added the "right" men around him, he would be unstoppable. and oh, I would hate it!

  • Rich Fernandes posted 3574 days ago

    Rich Fernandes

    Hey Ethan,
    Nick James (editor) left the following feedback for us:
    Nick James (about 2 hours ago)

    Great work by both of you. I corrected a few typos throughout. As for spacing after periods, one or two spaces is fine but it must stay consistent throughout. Also, note the difference between compliment (a nice statement) and complement (something that completes or adds to). Very well-written piece and I look forward to more from both of you

  • Joseph Fafinski posted 3583 days ago

    Joseph Fafinski

    Can't wait to see that GOAT list, Ethan!

  • Darrell Horwitz posted 3585 days ago

    Darrell  Horwitz

    Hey Ethan,
    I did a comparison of LeBron James and Magic Johnson. Check it out if you have a chance and let me know what you think. Thanks.

  • DPR posted 3610 days ago


    Hey Ethan,
    What's your take on the Mike Brown hire?

  • Rich Fernandes posted 3617 days ago

    Rich Fernandes

    Hey Ethan, hope you got my draft of our next debate article? I sent it about 7 hours ago.

  • soldier ant posted 3617 days ago

    soldier ant

    Added you to my writers list so i can zip right to your work.

  • soldier ant posted 3617 days ago

    soldier ant

    Thank you Ethan, thats really nice of you to say.
    Im in the film industry as a Historian for W/B studios
    and this keeps me very busy at times. But im a die hard laker fan/ so~cal sports and enjoy this site and your work. If you were on my page it would be somewhat easier to find your articles, enjoy your day my friend and keep up the 'GREAT' work.