This is R.J. 'DckyJay' Hines, from Pittsburgh, PA. I have an Associates Degree in Graphic Design from Pittsburgh Technical Institute. Currently attending the Community College of Allegheny County with the goal of attaining a Bachelor's in Business. Hopefully I get a masters after all this is done.

I enjoy watching almost all sports. I'm a HUGE football fan. I'm a die hard Steeler/Colts fan. I enjoy watching hockey, I'm a big Penguin fan. I'm a Phillies fan however being from Pittsburgh, I like the Pirates and want them to win, more than any other team in this city but can't stand the ownership. So i don't support them in any way. Spend some cash, show me u care, then maybe i will. Until then i want nothing to do with that situation. I'm also some what of a wrestling fan. I grew up on WWF, WCW, and the deeply missed ECW. Now that im older and WWE is less appealing I'm not as big as a fan as i once was. But, I'll go to any live event they have. Great entertainment!!!!!!!! Went to many house shows and a PPV once, great time. Overall, im a sports fanatic. I play fantasy sports (Football, Hockey, & Baseball). I fall asleep to ESPN and wake up to ESPN. I enjoy sports so much sometimes it overwhelms me and I make my decisions on what sporting event is going on that I wanna see. I make big games a big deal. basically, I LOVE SPORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If any of this sounds interesting to u, hit me up sometime.

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  • Mike Chiari posted 2434 days ago

    Mike  Chiari

    Hey buddy, we called a bit of an audible as I was the one who posted the Attitude Era draft fantasy cards, so whenever you see this, go on my profile and the article will be there and open for voting. Thanks again for the support.


  • Mike Chiari posted 2435 days ago

    Mike  Chiari

    Thanks for posting, buddy. The Attitude Era Draft cards will be up tomorrow morning. The best way to find the article will be to go on Donald Wood's writer page and find it there. Also, don't hesitate to blast his embarrassing card.

    Again, thank you so much for the support and for listening to RRR.


  • Justin LaBar posted 2448 days ago

    Justin LaBar

    Thanks for the support. Yes, I spoke to the boys mother a few nights ago and as of today its official....he will meet Daniel Bryan. I spoke to DB and Bri Bella, DB's gf and we got it set up. Bubba from Star radio also got WWE on board

  • Ben Gartland posted 3248 days ago

    Ben Gartland

    Ok so here are the updated rules for WWE Fantasy League. The point values will be the same as in the article. Instead of a draft, I am just going to have people either write on my profile or personal message me the 5 superstars and 1 diva they want on their team. You can have the same ones as someone else. You will have the ability to change your team each week before the next Raw. When I learn how many people will be doing this, I will split the people into two groups. The Raw group, and the Smackdown group. The person in first place in the raw group will be the WWE fantasy Champion, the one in second place in the Raw group will be the United States fantasy champion. The person in first in the smackdown group will be the World Fantasy Champion, while the person in second will be the intercontinental fantasy champion. The person with the most points out of both groups will be the Undisputed Fantasy champion. So either personal message or write on my profile wall the five superstars and 1 diva that you want. Contrary to what I said earlier, you may now have Orton, Cena, Triple H and Undertaker. Thanks for participating and good luck!