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I'm currently working in Sydney, Australia, contributing to Bleacher Report occasionally. I only like to write when I feel I've got a really good piece. I was born and bred in South Australia and consequently love Cricket and Australian Rules Football. I've also loved f1 since I was a little kid, and have been into NHL since my early teens. I became a Flyers fan after seeing highlights reels of Eric Lindros, I've never seen someone be able to impose their will like that in any other sport. I also appreciate the skill involved in golf and the sweet science behind boxing.

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  • Barry Rosenberg posted 3417 days ago

    Barry Rosenberg

    Thanks for the Australian Rules video. Those guys can really jump. It looks like Australian Rules means no rules, anything goes. Anyway, I hope to watch it sometimes... it looks great. I once was at a polo match at the Palm Beach Polo Club in Florida. It's just like hockey on horses. It's exciting to watch, and when you're there, the sound of the hoof-beats is great.

  • Barry Rosenberg posted 3418 days ago

    Barry Rosenberg

    Thank you. I'm surprised to learn that you follow our Canadian hockey. I don't, personally, although I think it's a great game... if they'd just cut back on the violence so it would be like it was when I was a kid going to Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens with my father.

  • John Vukovic posted 3469 days ago

    John Vukovic

    Referee stats?

  • mike blizzard posted 3669 days ago

    mike blizzard

    the flyers are done dealing bud