Jeremiah Graves

Jeremiah Graves


I'm an aspiring baseball writer.

I grew up to stories of Willie Mays, the Miracle Mets and the Bronx Zoo from my Pappy and—although my playing days never amounted to much—baseball has always remained my passion.

I moved to Boston from the Midwest nearly four years ago and in that time I have come to both enjoy and loathe the hype and hysteria of living in the heart of Red Sox Nation.

The Twins are my team, a result of being born and raised in Iowa and attending college in Minnesota. Although I’d consider myself a baseball fan first and foremost and a Twins fan second.

In addition to years of rabid fandom, I also bring some quasi-legit writing chops to the table. I am a 2006 graduate of Minnesota State University with a degree in Journalism and minors in Creative Writing and Speech Communication.

My articles have been featured on numerous websites over the years and I’d love to conceitedly list them off—preferably in some smug font—but as it turns out I am: a) above tooting my own horn and b) kinda lazy.

When I’m not writing or scrounging the internet for baseball news I spend my time playing slow-pitch softball, watching baseball, reading, hanging out with my girlfriend, and—because blogging doesn’t pay the bills—working at the MIT libraries.

If you’re ever in the mood to talk baseball, or any sport for that matter, you can drop me a line or leave a comment here at BleacherReport or at my blog “Cheap Seat Chronicles.”

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  • justin stallman posted 2533 days ago

    justin stallman

    What's up I'm a huge twins fan! #JoeMauer

  • D.A. posted 3229 days ago


    Hey Jeremiah

    Here are the 30 best rookie seasons in the past decade:


  • Mr. Taylor posted 3405 days ago

    Mr. Taylor

    Please check out and read when you get the chance

  • Mr. Taylor posted 3426 days ago

    Mr. Taylor

  • Tim Arcand posted 3432 days ago

    Tim Arcand

    We wrote almost the same article at the same time - well you one hour later by east coast time!

  • Bill Mckillop posted 3436 days ago

    Bill Mckillop

    Jeremiah contact me with your size and stuff and i will shoot you a shirt to support the Twins.

  • IGGY AZALEA posted 3444 days ago


    Check this article out:

    It is written by a very deserving, very talented sports writer. Mike AKA the Professor. Refer this article to everyone, so it can be eligible to receive 1,000 reads or more!

    I' am doing this to help Mike out, so help me to help out Mike.

  • IGGY AZALEA posted 3463 days ago


    I see you have completely drifted away from the Pro Wrestling section of B/R.

  • JW Nix posted 3468 days ago

    JW Nix

    PLEASE Read this story on a Lions and Rams Legend :

  • Thomas H. posted 3473 days ago

    Thomas H.

    I wondered if you could check out this piece about possible fanasty pickups.
    I'm trying to make a B/R comeback, because I have been off the site for a bit.

    Thanks, Jeremiah!