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I am a complete sports junkie. I have not missed a Dolphins game, either by way of TV or in person, in over 20 years (I know it sounds crazy, but true). I have been a Heat fan since 1988! The Atlanta Braves were my first baseball team and I liked them when they sucked.

Later came the Marlins, they didn't claim the city of Miami, went with "Florida" and even put the "F" instead of an M (which could have stood for Marlins or Miami) on their caps, so I looked at it like Wayne was trying to distance himself from Miami, and I was already a Braves fan (lived in ATL for a couple of years), so I am a loyal guy, I stuck with the Braves due to loyalty to my city MIAMI! Marlins are my 2nd favorite baseball team however.

Outside of the sports world I am a socially conscious business man that prides himself on performance. Committed to providing prudent strategies for business needs. Providing marketing, media production, risk management, cash flow analysis, passive investment management, merger and acquisition planning, corporate finance consulting and management. My reward is successfully being a capitalist while making the world a better place for future generations!

I treat life with courtesy and integrity. I try to take realistic, honest and pragmatic approaches that achieve results. The world needs many solutions to problems resulting from population growth and industrialization. These challenges represent opportunity that can enrich us through material means but more importantly, enriches the soul.

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  • LeBron Screwed the Pooch posted 3588 days ago

    LeBron Screwed the Pooch

    George please set your lineup. You're screwing our league up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Bhemis  Parks

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    Bhemis  Parks

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    Bhemis  Parks

    New article....

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    Bhemis  Parks

    Check it out bro