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  • Joshua Kon posted 3147 days ago

    Joshua Kon

    141-89-30 yeah you are right the pens do always seem to lose against flyers.. i mean just 141 times

  • Joshua Kon posted 3147 days ago

    Joshua Kon

    3-0. All that needs to be said right now.

  • J F posted 3325 days ago

    J F

    Hey Mike,
    I'm a little biased with my opinion of the Packers. The Yankees are a great franchise, but they're also from New York. Green Bay has a total of 100,000 people, it is amazing they even have a team anymore, let alone with all the success they've had. Its a great debate. Anyway.... Go Pens!

  • Mike Vee posted 3382 days ago

    Mike Vee

    What the hell do I say positive about Crosby??

  • Ethan Jorge posted 3382 days ago

    Ethan Jorge

    Sorry for lashing out against Mike, it's just he says some biased stuff about Crosby.

  • Patrick Pinho posted 3382 days ago

    Patrick Pinho

    @Ethan I wish people would realize he's just pointing out the facts...

  • Ethan Jorge posted 3383 days ago

    Ethan Jorge

    I wish I could dislike you, because all you ever think is that "Crosby is amazing".

  • Donald Wood posted 3544 days ago

    Donald Wood

    i am only commenting you because we have history of banter. This piece was an assignment and I did my best to give both sides of the argument. I feel Crosby should stay out until he is 100 %.

    I don't like how you questioned my writing though. You know while you may not agree with this piece, that my overall body of work speaks for itself.

    While we may not always agree, please refrain from comments like "I'd like a copy of that 'NEWPAPER'."

    While I cant provide the actual paper unless you want me to email you pictures, i can give you the link to the weekly paper that I work for.


    Please understand that I don't give a shit about what others say but I have known you since I started on this site.

  • Laura Falcon posted 3616 days ago

    Laura Falcon

    Haha I'm glad you had a chance to see it from my perspective a little because you described what I go through perfectly. It has come to the point where I prefer Flyers fans over Caps fans because Caps fans have a sense of entitlement that they haven't earned but love to shove down your throat all the time. I met up with a Caps fan friend of mine after the game and he's a good Caps fan who's been following hockey since he was little and while he hates the Pens, it's that "I hate you because you guys are so good and in the end you have my respect." He was so stunned that Pens fans weren't cussing him out while the Caps fans were chanting. I explained to him that we have those fans, but people from Pittsburgh will job you then buy you a beer after. We both agreed it's not the case back home. But I'm glad you had an awesome time! I did as well and that's all I can ask for.

  • Alison Myers posted 3693 days ago

    Alison  Myers

    That's for sure LOL. Well the good news is that it's almost 10:00. I think it's almost time for commenters like Tia and Danni and Christine to get to bed. Damn kids should be getting ready for school tomorrow instead of trolling the internet.