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  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 1583 days ago


    Hi buddy,

    Well Winston is now suspended the entire game. Oh well, if we are talented as we are on paper then on the field we should be fine. GO NOLES! I hope we beat clemsux today. It does suck knowing the best player in college football won't be playing in a big game.

  • Corky Miller posted 1602 days ago

    Corky Miller

    Michigan suck. Michigan not top 25 team.

  • Adam Biggers posted 1661 days ago

    Adam Biggers

    Jurk best troll on Internet. No contest. He funnier than you.

  • David Donohoe posted 1703 days ago

    David Donohoe

    Flippin hilarious... love it. Don't listen to the guys that take football life way to seriously during the offseason.

  • pineapple man posted 1722 days ago

    pineapple man

    This guy is hilarious.

  • daniel magnuson posted 1731 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    f=ck u troll u suck ass go back to ur own shitty state michigan who we are better than in football , its clear u are boozed up in detroit

  • Silky Johnston posted 1732 days ago

    Silky Johnston

    Well done, Jurky. This is hilarious.

  • daniel magnuson posted 1733 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    ur a fartface

  • NFL Junkie posted 1733 days ago

    NFL Junkie

    "Michigan beat everyone off very badly" Lmao, crawl back under your bridge you U of M troll