** March 26th 2013 : I am still reading just about everything WWE related here. I refrain from commenting as I got sick of being attacked by Cena & Orton haters. I love WWE, and love discussing it with other fans, but cannot understand those who must attack and make things unpleasant for others. **

Aussie Chick who loves the WWE.
I fell in love with the WWE in the January of 1998. In 2002 I paid out $1500 for two front section seats at the Global Warning Tour in Melbourne. Best $1500 I have ever spent.

Fave Wrestler of all time : Christian.
I remember watching wrestling one night and suddenly these two guys came out of the crowd.
"WHO THE HELL ARE THEY?" I yelled at my TV.
Of course THEY were Edge and Christian. I have followed them since that moment. And it didn't take long before they were my faves. Of course it helped that in those days tag teams were as important as the singles comps. ;-)

At first I followed them as a team, LOVED Edge and Christian. Slowly, not quite sure the exact moment, Christian became my fave. Not sure if anyone else noticed, but when he was E&C his wrestling pants were divine. Every week they were different and as gorgeous as Rocky's shirts. Who ever was in charge of his pants did a wonderful job. They were gorgeous. Now they have the 'C' logo but they change colours. Still gorgeous, but nothing like the early days.

I would watch every week just waiting to see what word they would create. I STILL use "rammapercussions" to this day. And people say to me "That's not the word" they have no idea that I am well aware of that I am merely amusing myself. As every time I say it I see a smiling Edge & Christian and I giggle quietly to myself. ;-)

When he left for 'the dark side' I was devastated. But I tracked down TNA and I watched PURELY for Christian. Can't tell you any storylines, or opponents, I watched purely to see Christian. I watched, I saw him and I turned off.

When he returned 'home' I was thrilled. I know no matter if it's on the mic or in the ring, if I am watching Christian I never leave disappointed.

I love his in ring ability, his mic skills, his ability to make me smile week in and week out. I do like him as a heel better than face, but as long as Christian is there I am happy.
Daff's Current Fave 7. (Updated August 2013)
1. Randy Orton
2. CM Punk
3. Christian
4. Dolph Ziggler
5. The Shield
6. Cody Rohdes
7. Daniel Bryan
Daff's Current Least Fave 5. (Updated August, 2013)
1. Brock Lesnar
2. Antonio Cesaro
3. The Great Kahli
4. Zeb Coulter
5. ??? Hmmm can't actually think of a 5th that I hit the fast forward button for.... Wow. ;)

Daff's All Time Top Ten. (plus one)
1. Christian
2. Randy Orton
3. CM Punk
4. The Rock
5. Stone Cold Steve Austin
6. Al Snow
7. HHH
8. Edge
9. Trish Stratus
10. Chris Jericho
11. Road Dogg Jessie James
Daff's Top 5 Can't Stand 'Em.
1. Brock Lesnar
2. Goldberg
3. Hulk Hogan
4. Ric Flair
5. Eric Bishoff
Memorable Moments (I could go on and on, but here are the ones that always pop straight to mind, oh and they aren't in order, just as I think of them)
1. Shane OMac V Vince McMahon in a street fight at WM17
2. Vince McMahon-Trish Stratus vs William Regal-Stephanie McMahon (Raw: 26 Feb 2001)
(This is the 'Bucket of Slop' Match)
3. HHH pretending to be Stone Cold's buddy only to turn on him. I was completely sucked in over weeks and was shocked when HHH turned.
4. Every shirt Rock wore, they were gorgeous. (Same for Christian's pants in the E-C days)
5. Vince McMahon's farewell to being on camera. (I cried with him)
6. Maven eliminating Taker at the 2002 Rumble.
7. Orton / Christian feud of 2011 - Match of the feud, Summerslam.
8. Christian's WHC - STILL brings tears to my eyes. Forget what followed, in that moment, the dream had come true. (Extreme Rules 2011 – May 1, 2011: Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio)
9. TLC 1 - By far the BEST match I have ever seen. I remember watching that and having to catch my breath when it was all done coz I had held it so much thru the match. (Summerslam 2000 -- August 27, 2000)
10. King of the Ring : June 28, 1998 : Mankind V Taker - That was my fist PPV & When Mankind went off the steel cage onto the announce table I was hooked! I could not believe Mankind wasn't dead.
11. Road Dogg in the 2012 Royal Rumble.
12. Return of the New Age Outlaws - my ALL TIME fave tag team.

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    I have not heard from you in forever. Are you ok?

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    Hey Daff
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    I get the frustration thing as I have to defend my position a lot when writing articles. I am glad there are people out there who can see how much I enjoy the product through my writing.

    Hopefully you weren't too let down when I stopped doing the Raw recap list and began doing the live blogs. I know you were a big supporter of the lists.

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    Thanks for becoming a fan. Always appreciated! I like how your all-time favorite wrestlers has Al Snow at #4. He was, is and always be a favorite of mine as well. I also like a lot of your memorable moments. Anyways, thanks again for becoming a fan!

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    Thank you for becoming a fan. fyi, Christian is one of my two favorite wrestlers of all-time. There was a time where all I wrote was "I hate WWE for not making Christian a main eventer" columns. I had to take some time to accept things. That's how bad it got! He is so very good at all things pro wrestling.

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