Chad Dundas' debut novel, "Champion of the World," will be published in 2016. He joined Bleacher Report as an MMA lead writer in November 2013. Prior to that he'd worked as an MMA columnist for ESPN.com, The Sporting News, NBC Sports and CagePotato.com. Each week he hosts the Co-Main Event Podcast alongside MMA Junkie writer Ben Fowlkes (listen here: www.comainevent.com). Chad's short fiction has appeared in the Beloit Fiction Review, the Sycamore Review, Sou’Wester, Camas and Thuglit. He lives in Missoula, Mont., with his wife and daughter.

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  • James Michael posted 351 days ago

    James Michael

    Thanks so much for the article on Francis Ngannou. Too much of today's media is nothing but quick video clips and Twitter length comments. It was nice to find your in depth article. I realize that actually takes time and effort on your part. But after reading your article i feel like i know Francis a bit more as a human being rather than just the next video clip super hero. I didn't know a thing about him. Nice job.

  • joel PEARLMAN posted 484 days ago

    joel PEARLMAN

    In relation to your most recent post you state "Not to chalk too much up to pure bad luck, but it's possible the stretch of defeats was never quite as bad as it looked on paper." You cant really claim that when he didn't really defeat Anderson Silva twice either. If you lose, you lose.

  • Matthew Perez posted 940 days ago

    Matthew Perez

    Hey Chad, my name is Matthew Perez and I am a journalism student at the University of Alabama. My final story of the year deals with Madison Square Garden's role in upcoming UFC events. The story needs to have five sources, and I was curious what you thought about the pressure the UFC might have to put on great events in the world's most famous arena.

  • Whizz Kid posted 1031 days ago

    Whizz Kid

    Love your MMA blog posts!

  • jjukey JJ posted 1238 days ago

    jjukey JJ

    I like Chad and his analysis, but I have to stick to what I believe on this one. I'm sick of people telling me what I should and shouldn't think, and I don't believe there is such a thing as gay marriage. By the way- people act like the Supreme Court had an overwhelming ruling on this- it was a 5-4 vote. Not a landslide by any means. So yes, some of the most educated interpreters of the constitution at the highest level of court did not agree with the decision. If we want to say domestic partners can have the same tax benefits and all other benefits as married couples, and the same rights as married couples, that's great, I have no problem with that. If gay people want to go do their things- that's cool- this is the USA, we are a free country, do whatever you want. I think most who are against gay marriage agree with me on those points (in other words, its a matter of the word used, not the civil rights). On their podcast they said something about refusing people their civil rights- most people against gay marriage do not want to refuse civil rights, they don't want to redefine a word that's been in existence since the beginning of man (and woman). Just call it something else. To Christians, marriage is more than just a man and a woman, it is God (groom) and the church (bride). Marriage has it's roots in religion, and for the Supreme Court to redefine a religious word is ludicrous. Are we going to redefine the definition of God next?

  • Paul Gilbert posted 1487 days ago

    Paul Gilbert

    One of my favourite MMA writers plus a huge fan of CME, keep up the awesome work!

  • Bryan Mills posted 1630 days ago

    Bryan Mills

    Chad Dundas is so fucking awesome that if he decided to speak in 3rd person for the rest of his life it would be totally acceptable.

  • Joakim Kalantari posted 1636 days ago

    Joakim Kalantari

    Don't pay these people no never mind Chad Vincent Dundas, because you're good enough, you're smart enough and dog on it; people like you!

  • Mister JayEm posted 1646 days ago

    Mister JayEm

    Y'all got some real dumbfucks posting comments on your page, Chad.

    Some real dumbfucks.

  • Bryan Doud posted 1669 days ago

    Bryan Doud

    Wait... do you get paid for this shit? Seriously and objectively - you are one of the worst writers in sports and the worst MMA journalist who has the audacity to be in your role. Please let me take your job.