Fen Yi Chen

Fen Yi Chen



Raised in Elmhurst, Queens, and currently residing in Brooklyn, New York, i consider myself an unconventional sports fan.

If you look at the list of my favorite teams, you see the only New York team seems to be the Yankees. Well, the only reason for that was Paul O'Neill, who i admired when he played here. For other sports, I was not as fortunate (or unfortunate). Whichever way you put it, i am not into rooting for the home team. I am into rooting for my favorite players—and wherever they take me.

Clearly, they have taken me all over the country. From being a Scottie Pippen (Trailblazers) fan, to a Brett Favre (Packers) fan, i am all over the place. This core of teams seems to have remained intact for quite some time and may possibly last forever. Bu who knows where my players will take me next.

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