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  • Brian Hood posted 3640 days ago

    Brian Hood

    Listen Norm. Daniel Hood is not my cousin. We share the same last name and that is it. So don't go assuming what you don't know. Second, I just heard about this kid and this story when Tennessee signed him a couple months ago. I have leaned to both sides of this story. At first I thought he should not be on the team but after doing lots of research I concluded he is a changed man. He deserves a second chance. His act was agregious. Horrible. One of the worst things you can do to a human being. Agreed. But, he was 13 and was led by has 17 year old "friend". He served his punishment. I don't like the guy but I we need to move on. My point was that the victim forgives him. She wrote a letter to the university. Lane kiffin did thorough evaluations. Lots of research and interviews with people close to Daniel. I'm sure he analyzed this much more than you did. You can disagree of course but it's not your place to decide if he should be on the team. Lane Kiffin took a risk. He took a chance on giving a kid a second chance and I applaud him for it.

  • AJ Styles posted 3661 days ago

    AJ Styles

    check out the wrestling community

    i need more back up