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  • Scott Pulkrabek posted 3887 days ago

    Scott Pulkrabek

    When I read your Texans article on "10 Concerns", I clicked off the page specifically to write you about how I couldn't finish the article. Not because your information was wrong, boring or confusing. Instead, I had to stop reading because I couldn't concentrate on your information due to all of the errors. And NO, I'm not even talking about grammar, spelling, structure or any of the other numerous basic issues an on-line published article should not contain. Those things can be overlooked if the content is good enough (which I felt yours was on it’s way to being).

    However, when you can't even spell players names correctly, your credibility as a contributor is completely shot. It shows you did little to no actual research and didn't bother to edit or proof your work before you released it. When you don’t show enough effort to even get the basic 101’s down, it makes it difficult to want to give your ability the benefit of the doubt.

    At the top of your profile it shows that you are brand new at this. Since I am now aware that this is only your 3rd offering, I am keeping a lot of the more negative comments/details to myself.

    Instead, I encourage you to take more time/effort with the actual production/writing of your article/thoughts. Oversights such as the ones I have mentioned are a shame because I love the topic and I enjoyed your approach. It just felt like you fumbled at the 1 yard line when it came to actually putting your article to "print". And as a person familiar with the Texans, you know fumbles at the 1 are something we hope to avoid moving forward.

    I wish you the best of luck with your next article and am looking forward to reading what you have to say.

    Cheers and Go Texans!