Rob is a creative writer and media manager, and now writes for Bleacher Report.

A Manchester United fan of 30 years, Rob is a season ticket holder and writes for the prestigious Red News publication - The oldest MUFC fanzine still in circulation.

Rob has appeared as a Premier League and Manchester United analyst on CNN's World Sport and has featured on The Observer and The Guardian's sports websites.

Rob is the founder of popular Man Utd website The Faithful and writes for B/R's exciting Breaking News Team, covering a wide variety of sports and subject matter.

He hopes to release his first novel in 2015.

Follow Rob on Twitter: @_Rob_B

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  • kevin lockhart posted 1189 days ago

    kevin lockhart

    Rob, I have emailed Bleacher Report about having them getting into contact with you for me...the reason being I am doing a report for a Digital Media class and I needed your help answering the following questions. If you could email the answers to me at kl655959@sju.edu I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You so much!!!!
    -What year did the author begin writing?
    - What is the demographic of the blog’s audience?
    - How large is the blog’s audience?
    - How engaged is the blog’s audience?
    - How does the blog generate revenue?
    - What is the blog’s image licensing strategy?
    - How does the author plan his or her posts? Do they use an editorial calendar?
    - What tools does the author use to distribute their content on social platforms?
    - What tools does the author use to analyze his or her audience?
    - What metric/s does the author find to be the most important to his or her success as a blogger?
    -What year was the blog bought out by a larger organization (if applicable)?

  • NickorRick Rick posted 1830 days ago

    NickorRick Rick

    Thank you for your writing, I enjoy it very much and I'm sorry about all the hatred you and your fellow writers receive. Keep on writing!

  • shawn hunter posted 2235 days ago

    shawn hunter

    look, bale isnt going to united. stop with the lies, please.

  • Adam Binns posted 2294 days ago

    Adam Binns

    Hi Rob, Please note that in today's article "British Champions Day 2014: Date, Race Schedule, Odds and More" you have linked to an old RacingUK.com article. We published Grey Gatsby's withdrawal yesterday 16/10: -

  • JOKU posted 2353 days ago


    Hi Rob, I am able to watch Manchester United ever so often but I find myself reading about their games and updates more than anything. It would be great if there was an article ranking each Man U player going into the current season. With so many new faces to the 1st team it would be great to know what an expert thinks about where they stand. Thank you for your writings!

  • John McCallister posted 2455 days ago

    John McCallister

    "Uruguay will fancy their chances led by the brilliance of Liverpool's Luis Suarez. His form this season, and his potential partnership with Paris Saint-Germain's Edinson Cavani, means that the very first winners of the World Cup could go all the way and win for the first time since 1930."

    You wrote that on your piece "FIFA World Rankings: Updated 2014 Standings Leading into Brazil World Cup."

    I suggest you pick up a book and read a bit about World Cup soccer history before you write articles. Uruguay did not win for the last time in 1930. I'm surprised you haven't heard of the biggest upset in FIFA World Cup history in 1950. Go and read a book.

    It's time little countries like Uruguay get some damn respect. They are one of the most solid teams in the name of soccer and have tremendous respect for the sport and are feared in the pitch by most of the powerhouse nations. They are one of the very few teams that play for the jersey they've got on instead of individual fame. You can't say that about players from most other clubs/national teams. Most of the guys in this team are unknowns - you only hear of Suarez, Cavani, and Forlan.

    For the record, I'm not Uruguayan, but you sure as hell bet I will stand up for a team who has an incredible soccer history. Get your facts straight.

  • King Cantona posted 2562 days ago

    King Cantona

    "Is RVP's United Run Near End?" Sorry bud, but you must admit that article is flawed all the way through. From the opening paragraph, to the ridiculous poll question.

    Read some of your other articles & enjoyed them, but this is...... worthy of a Man City fanzine.

  • ryann cennts posted 2562 days ago

    ryann cennts

    Do you watch la liga ?

  • ghod larsson posted 2563 days ago

    ghod larsson

    @ rob

    "So Roo and Tev were a great partnership? They had many games where they played well, but were they a partnership in the classical manner - say like Yorke and Cole? I dont think so."

    but nowhere in your article does it specify that the partnership had to be a "classic" one, so that argument isn't valid. there have been 3 seasons where rooney and an attacking teammate (or partner, if you will) both finished in the top 10 goal scorers for the season. in 2005-06, van Nistelrooy was 2nd with 21, rooney 4th at 16, the next year, CR7 took 3rd with 17, rooney 4th with 14, and in 2008-08, CR7 finished 2nd with 18 and Rooney tied for 6th with 12.

    the numbers don't lie, rooney is completely capable of playing in a strike partnership and the fact is, your basic premise that rooney can't play in a partnership is flat-out wrong. you're trying to retroactively change the meaning of your words by inserting the "classical" qualifier, but that was not your initial argument.

  • Kip Nox posted 2573 days ago

    Kip Nox

    Good article about the 6 things United needs. It really has me pondering now. It's good to see a fan who admits Carrick has not been in form all season. I look forward to more articles.