Charlie O'Connor

Charlie O'Connor


Currently a senior at the University of Pennsylvania, I am a passionate Philadelphia sports fan, and I particularly enjoy following the Philadelphia Flyers, Phillies, and Eagles. In addition, I consider myself a fan of both the Indianapolis Colts and the University of Tennessee Men's Basketball Team.

I am looking to eventually embark on a career in sportswriting or sports broadcasting. I have just begun writing for Bleacher Report, and am always looking for feedback and advice to improve my writing.

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  • Pat Egan posted 3123 days ago

    Pat Egan

    its 3 am and im bored so i went back to look at comments left on that most over hyped article.

    Im litterally looking down at people because of their rediculous beliefs. "MLS is great soccer your just a hater" "NIT Is quite entertainig" "How dare you say the road to Omaha isnt exciting I love those RIce Owls"

    I know im not perfect but for christ sake that one guy is like the guy in Dodgeball buying Obscure sports quarterly. Defending the MLS and the basketball championships. You just want to shake these people and say "GET A LIFE THESE AREN INTERSTING" and of course theres the tool bag NFL fan who just wants to prove what a hardcore fan he is by pretending to love watching 3rd stringers tear it up. Yea hows that #3 from the Giants doing. So good in the pre season but i forgot his name in the regular season. Sorry its 3 am and im bored. accept the trade

  • Pat Egan posted 3156 days ago

    Pat Egan

    these people that are actually saying MLS is a good league, and that pre season football is a good sport make me laugh. Its like "Yea im good with ESPN treating me like the retard i am."

    Just amazes me that people are actually getting all up in arms. like people that sit there and go "I love pre season football" are the same toolbags who want to prove how much they love Metallica that they will even go watch a Metallica coverband. Makes me laugh....were so much better then those people (jk but lets be honest.....not really)

  • Erik Frenz posted 3156 days ago

    Erik Frenz

    I'd love to get your opinion on my recent Tom Brady article. Seems to have created quite a buzz!


  • Araz Eleyasian posted 3159 days ago

    Araz Eleyasian

    Would you mind taking a look at my slideshow?

  • Pat Egan posted 3165 days ago

    Pat Egan

    im on here for a year and have 8 fans, your on here for 2 months and have 18. Im telling you its the Neumann University effect. Probably should have studied more in grade school but was too busy honing my skills on super smash. Oh wait you dominated that game too.....want to go back to SMT and throw the football around i was good at that!