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  • Trey Gibson posted 2233 days ago

    Trey Gibson

    Whats up .

  • Indians Fan posted 2265 days ago

    Indians Fan


  • Long gone posted 2277 days ago

    Long gone

    @Indians Fan

    No one uses this anymore

  • Indians Fan posted 2288 days ago

    Indians Fan

    this is your first comment in 39 days!

  • Enzo Glitched Profile posted 2328 days ago

    Enzo Glitched Profile

    Hey Hawks fan,

    not sure if your original account is working or not. I sent an inbox to it

  • Johnny Bravo posted 2328 days ago

    Johnny Bravo

    No, he's just been injured, and they don't want to speed his recovery.

  • Matt Rogers posted 2328 days ago

    Matt Rogers

    Dude, we just about beat the Clippers.

  • Calvin Rice posted 2328 days ago

    Calvin Rice

    Tony Parker as MVP? I doubt it. Unless the Spurs go 64-18 and he puts up a statline of 23 PPG and 9 APG.

    Shouldn't you change your picture from Josh Smith now that he's gone?

  • Daniel Daniel posted 2328 days ago

    Daniel Daniel

    Ok, then tell me some things about them (not from this, last, or 2 years ago).

  • Dan Riaz posted 2328 days ago

    Dan Riaz