I am an avid Penn State football fan. As of the PSU-Wisconsin game at Beaver Stadium on November 24, 2012, I attended 146 games in a row anywhere in the country that Penn State has played, and I have missed only 4 of the games played anywhere since 1990. My husband Terry attended every Penn State football game (282 in a row) since September 1990. However, in 2013 my husband's health problems forced us to cancel all away game trips, so the attendance streak has now ended.

In 1997 I became a marketing professor at the Smeal College of Business at Penn State University after a career in telecommunications. I credit this career change to Penn State football!

The opinions I express on this site are my own. They do not reflect the positions of Penn State, Penn State Athletics, or the Smeal College of Business.

I am no longer writing for Bleacher Report. If you wish to follow me you can view my full blog at www.viewfromstands.blogspot.com including my perspectives from being at every game.

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  • Kevin McGuire posted 2793 days ago

    Kevin McGuire

    And your comment inspired me to share some thoughts about PSU. Thanks for the comment.

  • Kevin McGuire posted 2793 days ago

    Kevin McGuire

    Carolyn, I have stopped contributing for the time being so I can focus on some other projects. I'm not shutting down my account though so I can leave the door open. If you follow me on Twitter you can easily find me!

  • Spencer Leone posted 2810 days ago

    Spencer Leone

    Had my little Internet meltdown over college football. ;-)

  • Ken Hammerick posted 2968 days ago

    Ken Hammerick

    Thank you for your response, Carolyn! I just wanted to make sure that you had a good time in East Lansing.

    Go State!

  • Ken Hammerick posted 2980 days ago

    Ken Hammerick

    Do you enjoy yourself at Spartan Stadium? We are kind to PSU fans, in my opinion.

    I enjoy State College and Notre Dame Stadium. While I'm in Columbus, I lay low and actually wear OSU gear. I rent a car in Toledo, OH--just so I don't have MI plates.

    PSU is an awesome experience. I hope you have fun in East Lansing.

    Go State!

  • Isaac Luber posted 3048 days ago

    Isaac Luber

    RIP Joe Pa :(

  • Penn State Fan posted 3111 days ago

    Penn State Fan

    Where have you been lately?

  • Darrell Horwitz posted 3122 days ago

    Darrell  Horwitz

    Hey Carolyn,

    I thought you would want to read a real article on what happened at Penn State and with Joe Paterno. Check this out and let me know what you think. Thanks.


  • Cevat Ahmet posted 3400 days ago

    Cevat Ahmet


  • Isaac Luber posted 3520 days ago

    Isaac Luber

    Maybe we could meet up this weekend? I'm going up to State College tomorrow afternoon for the weekend.