Kelly McAvoy

Kelly McAvoy


Two lovely and loving daughters. While I was raised on the receiving end of my father's bible belt (and I respect his parental ways), I believe Rudyard Kipling's "If" can settle the majority of differences prior to needing a bigger stick.

Please, don't troll me, fans. If my laughter offends you, merely, tell me so in a civilized manner and I'll apologize (where applicable) and go elsewhere. I enjoy discussing football with more than just Bama fans or having some tongue in cheek humor but anything more than that and I say "Let the players settle it on the grid-iron". If I don't agree with you, I won't personally attack you without cause, or perceived cause, on your part. I expect the same respect. I could be wrong at times with my "perception" so, I don't "tap out" by hitting the "offended button". I'll give another a chance to explain a comment until a personal attack directly or indirectly is made. I can't say someone else won't nail you, though. So, I'll keep it civil and the rest of you can choose whether or not to do the same. "Baiting" me will no longer work because I see we have some cowards in our midst. I really don't want to go through the time and effort of reinstating my account again for nothing more than a football blog. If you can't take the heat, you really shouldn't turn on the stove.

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  • RubberDuck TenFour posted 2519 days ago

    RubberDuck TenFour

    Meant to say Hammer down to you to bud. Go Ducks, Roll Tide, and Roll on 18 wheeler Roll on!! Best of luck to you and yours this season.

  • Gomez Rosen-Rosen posted 2651 days ago

    Gomez Rosen-Rosen


  • Kyle Fields posted 2765 days ago

    Kyle Fields

    HaHa!! You can't be offending anyone more than I have when attempting to thwart attackers! I try so had & do pretty well, but sometimes I just have to jump in. ;)
    I have the same issues sometimes with my posts. I sometimes have to close my browser & come back or even restart my computer & then they show up. I think it's just a glitch within the BR site. My "edits" won't show up for a day or 2 sometimes, yet people will have responded to them...Apparently, others can see my posts sometimes, although I can not. You never offend me man. I know how it is when classless fools get nasty. Please know that the majority of REAL AGGIES are like me...We are not "fans". We are the 12th man & we try to be honorable & respectful.

  • Eric posted 2765 days ago


    No worries Kelly. Unless you are "Mister Baseball" I'm not sure you could really insult too many of the more seasoned Irish fans, and I doubt you'd actually get the account deleted for posting what I suppose you're posting. I've got thick skin so don't worry about me. Take it easy.

  • Kyle Fields posted 2765 days ago

    Kyle Fields

    Testing. 1.2.3.

  • Jerry Fresh posted 2766 days ago

    Jerry Fresh

    Roll Tide, Kelly! We made it out alive!

  • Eric posted 2767 days ago


    Well Kelly... The old Gold and Blue sure played ugly yesterday! Congrates to Bama for playing a solid, no-nonsense type of game and just grinding it out and winning big. I had hoped beyond hopes leading up to the start of the game (I was very tense and nervous - far more than I should have been) that it would be a great game win or lose. I had anticipated Alabama winning (just too much talent depth, too much exposure to this type of game and Saban sure knows how to prep for this) but not the way they did - with Notre Dame falling all over themselves in the process, which I knew if they did it would get ugly quick.

    Talk about over-hyped! Hence why we need a playoff, since I believe Oregon would have ended up playing y'all for the title if we had one...and they would have probably give you a better game!

    At any rate, I wish you a very happy post-season/pre signing day and hope that happiness continues to shine for you day-in and day-out. I also hope for the majority of Americans that at the end of the day we all stop and realize that all this *waves arms wildly around* is just a game, and the important stuff is that which we don't watch on TV or hear on the radio. God Bless, I'll be looking for your insightful commentary soon enough.

    PS: don't listen too hard to the Aggies! I love 'em; they're good salt of the earth people, but you can't give them an inch or they'll take a few miles! ;)

  • Kyle Fields posted 2768 days ago

    Kyle Fields

    I KNEW that you'd "know what I mean"! You actually detailed my thought processes very well. My VERY SHORT version is that 'Bama's Defense would have held OU to zero points in the Cotton Bowl (though I'm pretty sure 10 of their points against A&M were thanks the the Refs!) & there is no possible way OU could have contained the 'Bama punishing running game. I really scratched my head as to why our RBs didn't get more touches. We barely needed to pass...

    On the other side, as you pretty much said, ND's Defense & the way they play/practice would be absolutely embarrassed by the pace & style of the A&M Offense. Te'o & company would be sucking air & scratching their heads. Also, the Aggie Defense is much better at stopping more traditional Offenses that huddle up & have mostly a running game. No comparison to 'Bama's D here, just that the A&M D would be safe against a relatively boring ND Offense that could never keep up/match the A&M Offense.

    'Bama was the best equipped & most prepared for the Aggies of anyone all season. YES, Florida then LSU beat us, but they played against the 25% & the 40% versions of our Offense, respectively. 'Bama's Defense got the 75-80% version with a drastically improved & more confident Aggie Defense to boot. Neither one of the aforementioned victors would want to try again right now. haha!...Nor would I want to see A&M face a well-rested 'Bama again right now!

    I am up early with pre-game jitters, as if I am a lifelong Tide fan! I will be with you boys all the way tonight. I know that you have reservations about predicting the game outcome, so I will do it for you. Alabama is going to pretty much expose ND to the same extent that they exposed Michigan. (Barring the refs coddling ND...which I completely expect) The Tide will win in a very convincing manner. The Haters are gonna hate, the Talkers are gonna talk...meanwhile, the Doers are gonna keep on DOING!

    Gig'em & ROLL TIDE!!!

  • Ray Goodsell posted 2769 days ago

    Ray Goodsell

    Hi Kelly thanks for both replies. Yes, we all should put God first in our lives. I am guilty far too often for not doing it. It's good to hear from you. I have a brother-in-law living in Birmingham who is a Bama fan. I have never held that against him. Ha Ha. I actually was happy for him when they beat Texas for the title. Have a good evening, looking forward to discussing more with you. Good night.

  • Ray Goodsell posted 2769 days ago

    Ray Goodsell

    Hey Kelly, I just wanted to check your profile out. I hope I haven't offended you because that is not what I intended. I am a Notre Dame fan who gets a little wrapped up in the moment when it comes to them. I can appreciate some good banter back and forth though. I wish the best to you and your family. May God bless you all. I was serious though when I mentioned you should think about running for office. Let your passions guide you to justice.