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I'm the Assistant Managing Editor at Bleacher Report, working out of the San Francisco office, having previously held positions as Associate Deputy TNT Editor (Breaking News) and TNT Assignment Editor. My Bleacher Report journey began on my couch in summer of 2010, when I spent time toiling away as one of the original writers ever hired by the site--writing about something called "The Decision".

I grew up in Iowa, received every possible level of education in Iowa City aside from grad school, racking up about $800k in student loans and becoming immersed in all things Hawkeyes. As a northern Wisconsin native, I am also an enormous Packer fan and someday hope to actually use the season tickets my family has finely secured. And, in an ironic twist, I am also a Bears fan unless they are playing the Packers...and cheer for the Bulls, Blackhawks and the poor, pathetic Cubs.

Someday, I imagine I will get tired of eating, sleeping and worrying about what happens in sports. Until that day, I wake up feeling very lucky to be where I am--living my dream.

Not a day goes by that I don't miss writing. Here are two of my favorite articles from the golden days as a mediocre scribe:

Follow my sports thoughts and random meaningless life musings on Twitter @ Elliott Pohnl_BR

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  • Squidward Tentacles posted 2557 days ago

    Squidward  Tentacles


  • Indians Fan posted 2659 days ago

    Indians Fan

    Hi there!Gave you your 105th fan!

  • Neal deBuhr posted 2708 days ago

    Neal deBuhr

    I absolutely loved your article for the Iowa Hawkeye season preview. Like you, I've grown up in Iowa, living my entire life in Cedar Falls, and these last couple years studying as a student at Iowa. It's always been my dream to go to school here, I've been going to games since I was a kid. I've always been partial to the basketball team; basketball is my passion.
    I thought you were completely accurate, and looking at your pristine medal collection, I can tell you've had years of experience covering sports. I'm trying to get my own Bleacher Report Career started. I submitted an article to Bleacher Report, but I received an e-mail saying it didn't meet the requirement standards because it was over 500 words (It was 525).
    I'm asking you, Iowa student to Iowa grad, if you'd be willing to read and review my article so that I can prevent myself from making the same mistakes on my next submission. It would mean a lot to me just to have my article read. It's short, and it'd really make a difference to me.

  • Scott Polacek posted 2891 days ago

    Scott Polacek

    Thanks for becoming a fan Elliot. I returned the favor.

  • Matt Fitzgerald posted 2895 days ago

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Thank you so much for the Derby props EP! :)

  • Brendan O'Meara posted 2896 days ago

    Brendan O'Meara

    Thanks for being a fan, Elliot. Much appreciated. —B

  • Alex Young posted 2924 days ago

    Alex Young

    Thanks for the support on the Saigon Heat piece Elliott. They weren't the 1990's Bulls, but it's a start for the region.

  • Richard Leivenberg posted 2982 days ago

    Richard Leivenberg

    Thanks for being a fan...I can use all of them I can get!

  • Marshall Zweig posted 3030 days ago

    Marshall Zweig

    Elliott, thank you so much for gracing me with your fan-dom! Especially considering my hometown is Detroit...truth is, though, once Jordan broke through our Detroit gauntlet (we conceitedly called it "the Jordan Rules") in the early '90s, you guys have beaten us at pretty much everything, including a more recent Stanley Cup. And my all-time favorite football team is the '85 Bears. I've never seen anything like them.

    Happy holidays to you and yours!


  • Josh Matt posted 3053 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?