I'm a Featured Columnist for the National Football League specializing in the NFL Draft, and served as Major League Baseball FC from 2010 to 2012. I served as NFL Draft columnist for the AFC North in April 2011, and in May 2011 I covered the Horse Racing Triple Crown races.

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  • Matt Gayles posted 1641 days ago

    Matt Gayles

    "The Browns are a team on their way up, while the Falcons are on their way down..."

    How stupid does that comment sound now?

  • Bill Stevens posted 2090 days ago

    Bill Stevens

    On smart players in the NFL --Richard Sherman had a weighted gpa. A 4.2 weighed gpa is equivalent to a percentile ranking of 86% - 87%. Or a numerical grade of about 87 on a scale of 0 to 100). Maybe not even even in the top 10% of his high school class. Did you mislead your readers on purpose?

  • Go Hawks posted 2654 days ago

    Go Hawks

    Buddy. Just read your Seahawks training camp article. It is full of errors. Heck-it starts out with one, stating Seattle made the playofs the last two seasons. Needs some fact-checking. Badly.

  • Ohio Fan posted 2754 days ago

    Ohio Fan

    Have you checked out this kid? Jordan Thompson 6'4" 250 lbs. TE out of Ohio University. This is a kid that is on the NFL radar, but one that the general public hasn't heard much about. Definitely worth your time to check him out.

    Below are videos of him wrecking people out on the field.

    Big Hits:

    Pro Day:

    Highlight Video:

    The Thompson kid can also long snap making him more valuable to NFL team's that can utilize him as a TE, LS, and a special teams player.

    Long Snapping Video:

  • Tyler Duma posted 2839 days ago

    Tyler Duma

    Dan, just came across your 100 greatest hitters of all-time article.

    Why no consideration for Vada Pinson? Seems like he certainly should've made that list given his career numbers.

  • Dave Abramo posted 2853 days ago

    Dave Abramo

    My god, is everything you write filled with as many half-truths, factual discrepancies, and general laziness as your 40 most regretted MLB transactions column? Where should I start? First, I guess you thought it'd be funny to make the Mets the butt of your horrible column, but most of your examples were simply way off. Oliver Perez was inconsequential by any stretch of the imagination. I hardly think the franchise is "regretting" this to this day. Bobby Bonilla was traded in 1995, it was only after he was reacquired in 1999 that they bought out his contract on deferred payment. Nolan Ryan and Tom Seaver DID win a title together in 1969, and Ryan was dealt after he demanded to be traded and threatened to retire because he hated the city of NY (not hard to do in the early 70s). Vince Coleman neither broke Gooden's arm (though he did hit him in the shoulder while practicing his golf swing) or throw a firecracker into the stands (this incident occurred in the LA parking lot). Mike Hampton did not have a decent year in 2000 - he had an outstanding year capped with the NLCS MVP. He also never won a Cy Young, and Coors is not longer regarded as a place where pitching goes to die (maybe you were on a sabbatical in 2007). Mo Vaughn was hardly the reason Steve Phillips was fired, nor did it ruin the Mets franchise (His contract expired after the 2004 season, after most of it was covered by insurance) - in 2006 they were a game from the WS. Funny you mention inconsequential deals like Perez and Coleman, but the Cardinals never regretted punishing Keith Hernandez by sending him to NY for 2 scrubs, only to see him lead the Mets back to prominence as their primary rival for the rest of the 80s? The Expos never regretted shipping Gary Carter to the Mets and ensuring their continued irrelevance? The Blue Jays never regretted sending John Olerud, who almost won the 1998 batting title and led the Mets to the 1999 NLCS, to NY for Robert Person? The Mets only make stupid deals? I'm sure there are a ton more examples, but this garbage column didn't deserve any more time.

  • Moo Strength posted 2985 days ago

    Moo Strength

    I too am a Cleveland fan, born and raised in Ohio, and a second generation alumni of Ohio State although I reside with my family on the west coast now but I'm afraid I take issue with an article you wrote awhile back regarding baseball players who flamed out.

    Please read my post on your article regarding baseball players who "flamed-out" from a Hall of Fame career, particularly your selection of Cecil Travis, a WWII veteran at number 2. Upon reading your selection I had hoped that you were just perhaps a young kid who didn't know his history that well, but after seeing your profile page and seeing that your favorite athlete is Bob Feller, another WWII veteran who fought for his country, I'm even more amazed that you would include anyone who has served his country, especially in battle no less (not to mention the Battle of the Bulge was arguably one of the most significant battle American forces fought in the European Theater).

  • Justin Lanoff posted 3032 days ago

    Justin Lanoff

    You're a great writer, but every time I look at you're picture, it makes bored and not want to read your article. You have to change that bro.

  • Max Forstag posted 3044 days ago

    Max Forstag

    Dan, I just don't get how as an Indians fan, you included Omar on the list of players who'll never make the hall. His career numbers are better than Ozzie Smith, even if you don't include the past 5 seasons he's spent as a utility player.

  • greg scanlon posted 3056 days ago

    greg scanlon

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