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I am a 22-year-old college student from Pennsylvania with a dream of someday covering a professional sports franchise for a living. I have been writing sports articles regularly since 2007 and I feel like I have found my niche in sports reporting. I started my career at Bleacher Report in May of 2010 and gained 100,000 reads in my first year of writing. My second year at B/R came with a national sports writing internship and I have been working feverishly ever since.

I have been a Cleveland Browns fan my entire life as I followed in the footsteps of my father and grandfather. Sports have always been a passion of mine and has interested me since I was old enough to swing a baseball bat or throw a football in the front yard with my dad.

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  • Brian Stepanek posted 3184 days ago

    Brian Stepanek

    Of course the Bengals got him. With Maualuga and Burfict, they could have the sissiest linebacking corps in the league soon...NOT. (Stewie Griffin voice:) I hate this place.

  • Brian Stepanek posted 3203 days ago

    Brian Stepanek

    So, if the Browns take Burfict are you going to demand Mary Kay Cabot's job? I think you should.

  • Justin Kirk posted 3204 days ago

    Justin Kirk

    I see that you cover the browns so I want to run this by you and see if you can create an article or something. What if the Browns select Blackmon at 4th, an OL at 22nd and Weeden in the second round. Don't you think that would give this offense some life. Then they could either draft Pead, Holk, or Turbin later on for a running back or trade away a few low picks for Ben Tate.

  • David Bee posted 3205 days ago

    David Bee

    Brian: Your case for Cedric Benson is a good one because... it allows the Browns to fill the RB spot with a top performer and trade down to get more beef.... say with the Rams or Carolina.

    Once they sign Benson, the #4 pick is clearly up for grabs so...
    The Rams cannot sit at #6 and figure the Browns take TR and Bucs take Claiborne. They will need to offer more than a swap of picks so they will need to cough up #33 too. That makes it 6, 22, 33, 37 which in my book is DeCastro, WR (Floyd/Sanu/Hill, etc), WR or Levonte David?, Bob Massie....a great draft and makes them a playoff possibility

    Carolina could step up and offer #9 and #42 this year, and their First Round for 2013. Makes it #9, 22, 37, 42 and becomes DeCastro, WR, Massie and either WR or LB

    The Bengals would be very interested in #4 but as a division rival they will need to cough up #19,21 and 53 in this years draft to go with #22, and #37

    We lose Decastro so that becomes Cordy Glenn, Jonathan Martin, WR, WR/LB, and best player.

    I also believe that Nick Toon is a tremendous fit here and would be a steal in the Third Round.

    Colt is far better than anyone gives him credit for. The right side of the line was pourus yet he put up good numbers and they were 4 chip shot field goals from being 8-8, and two more long pass plays (weeks 1 and 3) from being 10-6.

  • Kai Olanoh posted 3217 days ago

    Kai Olanoh

    How is it that you and Brian let 2 Steeler fans like Andrea Hangst and Sigmund Bloom write all the Browns articles and dominate their articles on our wall...everything is a biased opinion and the constantly fill our wall up with garbage...why are they even allowed to do that...it's not like you guys are blogging articles on the Steelers wall...

  • Brian Stepanek posted 3236 days ago

    Brian Stepanek

    I'd like to see us either take Richardson or Blackmon, or trade down and improve the o-line. With DeCastro, Cordy Glenn, Massie, Sanders and Reiff all sure to be available, but not worth top-5 money the Browns should shoot to pick up two out of those four. I think we're capable of making one solid free agency pickup on both sides of the ball, and we have to build around that. Looking forward to seeing your perspective in the post-RG III-craze phase of the draft.

  • Brian Stepanek posted 3237 days ago

    Brian Stepanek

    Hey Brian, big fan of your material! What holes do you see H & H filling via free agency vs. the draft?

  • Satch Wilson posted 3238 days ago

    Satch Wilson


  • G D posted 3435 days ago

    G D

    Hey man I wrote an article about the Top 10 Pro Athletes Who Would Make Good UFC Fighters. Would love to hear what you think man. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/817080-10-pro-athletes-that-would-make-good-ufc-fighters

  • Duan Carter posted 3454 days ago

    Duan Carter

    Brian - We need to get in on the Tebow debate, something to the extent of "If Denver dumps Tebow, should the Browns consider him?"