Mark Rose

Mark Rose


A die hard Penguins fan since I was 9 years old, I bleed black and Vegas gold. The Patriots and Blue Jays fall in line after that.

I have been involved in some aspect of sports most of my life, either working, playing, or volunteering.

I have a degree in Sport Business Management, so there.

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  • Jeff Wahl posted 2882 days ago

    Jeff Wahl

    write another article you sob.

  • LaToya Wilson posted 2926 days ago

    LaToya Wilson

    Man the Flames articles on here are embarrassing! No one who is actually a fan of them writes about them.

  • LaToya Wilson posted 2937 days ago

    LaToya Wilson

    Write another article. They entertain me. Especially if you make fun of the Leafs.

  • Alison Myers posted 2958 days ago

    Alison  Myers

    How dare you discredit my work to others while boosting yourself up. Believe me, I read on a regular basis and I know you were mocking me. Just because you disagree with what I write doesn't give you that right. There is a reason I am an FC and you are not. I am just as good of a writer as Laura, and maybe even better, so don't go giving her all the credit while kicking me down. Have a nice day.

  • Jeff Wahl posted 3106 days ago

    Jeff Wahl

    dude, brutal title change to your new article. you should change it back.

  • Jeff Wahl posted 3115 days ago

    Jeff Wahl

    read my nre article you sonovabitch!


  • Jason Clary posted 3116 days ago

    Jason Clary

    Nice article on Crosby. As a Pens fan I see everyone hating Sid. Their hate goes as far as disrespecting his skill as a hockey player, which should be in no question at all. I'm hoping they can pull it together in game 7 and advance in the playoffs.

  • Adam Davis posted 3120 days ago

    Adam Davis

    Thanks for becoming a fan, I really appreciate it!