I am currently a quality editor for Bleacher Report. I have worked my way up from unpaid copy editing intern to a full-time paid position and have been with the company since 2010. I've also been a Featured Columnist for the NHL and Pittsburgh Penguins.

Here is a better description of what I do as a quality editor in case you have wandered this page to satisfy your curiosity about why I edited an article after you received a copy edit:

Quality editors provide the final edit on all content bound for B/R’s highest-visibility channels. Their edits are more intensive than copy edits, at times requiring wholesale changes and collaboration across teams to ensure each article delivers on the aforementioned quality standards.

By elevating standards on B/R’s highest-traffic locales, the quality editing team is striving to raise the bar on content site-wide, with the hope that their enhanced scrutiny on a fraction of articles is eventually the norm.


If you want to read about my B/R journey, and tips I have if you want to work here too, just go here:


If you want to know about the copy editing internship, the FC program, need writing tips, talk to me about a piece of yours I worked on or just want to say hello, feel free to e-mail me at amyers@bleacherreport.com or alisonm223@gmail.com.

Connect with me on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/alisonmyers85 and on Twitter @AlisonM_110. .


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  • Tom Urtz Jr. posted 1926 days ago

    Tom Urtz Jr.

    Thanks for the edits, I realize what I did. I have tabs saved for each player, and Meier and Hanifin's was a cached copy. Appreciate the fix.

  • Karl Buscheck posted 2285 days ago

    Karl Buscheck

    Appreciate the edits and feedback, Alison!

  • R. Cory Smith posted 2320 days ago

    R. Cory Smith

    Thanks for the edits, Alison! I appreciate the feedback.

  • Kerry Miller posted 2321 days ago

    Kerry Miller

    Thanks for the edits, Alison. Usually I'm better about the it/they pronouns, but substituting in "Team A" in places where I used the team's actual name screwed me up! Thanks again.

  • R. Cory Smith posted 2345 days ago

    R. Cory Smith

    Thanks so much for the edits, Alison. I wrote the three losses before the game started and forgot to go back and make the proper edit.

  • Ken Lechtanski posted 2480 days ago

    Ken Lechtanski

    Your welcome, Alison. And I hear ya about editors sometimes needing editors, your's truly included.

  • Steve Silverman posted 2569 days ago

    Steve Silverman

    That NHL slide needed to be in the piece. It should not have been removed. The NHL lost a key opportunity to enhance its standing and status.

  • Dave Siebert, M.D. posted 2694 days ago

    Dave Siebert, M.D.

    I clarified it, anyway. Thanks for the edits as always, Alison. It always flows better once you've given it a look.

  • Dave Siebert, M.D. posted 2694 days ago

    Dave Siebert, M.D.

    Hey again Alison! Matt provided that quote to me directly. I put "quotes were obtained firsthand unless otherwise noted." Is that enough?

  • Dave Siebert, M.D. posted 2733 days ago

    Dave Siebert, M.D.

    Noticed some of your revisions on my Lance/EPO article that were put in today. Much appreciated, Alison! As always.