Andy is a National College Football Featured Columnist and a freelance sportswriter. He has had articles appear on FoxSports.com and can be heard on radio across the country talking college sports. Outside of college football Andy is a big college basketball and a soccer fan.

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  • Aaron Houghton posted 1642 days ago

    Aaron Houghton

    Andrew, Word around the Campfire is that Jake Rodrigues QB Transfer from Oregon has just signed with SDSU !! Great pickup for the Aztecs, and help clarify the QB position for the next few years. If I understand correctly since SDSU is FBS, he can play immediately.

  • Robert Standard posted 1711 days ago

    Robert Standard

    RE: USC

    This article faltered at the starting gate, because USC is extremely unlikely to contend for a national title. It will be a major success to beat UCLA and ND, and a success to beat UCLA.

    Andrew, if you think that USC's defense is ahead of its offense at this point in time, you are a true the master of the obvious. Yes, the defense was ahead last year, yes, the offense lost more key veterans via departure, yes, the defense has more topflight players waiting in the wings, and yes, last year's problematic OL is the largest looming problem this year.

    Go deep with your research, or go home. I assume you wrote this "article" for free, and you did nothing to further your future income stream

  • Pc nick posted 1780 days ago

    Pc nick

    Another troll writing for BR? I know its a blog site but you would think they could find people who actually know something about football.

  • SEC OWNS OSU 10-1 posted 1809 days ago

    SEC OWNS OSU 10-1

    WELL well ANDREW, looks like your pathetic article saying OSU 2013 was better than ANY URBAN TEAM he had a fla just got proven to be SO bad of an opinion, that the bleacherreport.com has informed me to tell you, YOU ARE FIRED. They are hiring ME, I am MR OSU HATER, I Am MR know if OSU is good or not. Homerism doesn't win, FACTS and REALITY DO. OSU HAS NEVER come from behind in the BCS ERA from a 17 point deficit and win. THAT SUMS UP OSU

  • john b posted 1819 days ago

    john b

    Just one tip!

    If you show (in our face) that you are biased against Michigan, it kind of shows you that you are not a good writer (which you are just a whiner).

    Stop writing and please get a job.

    You sound like a Lou Holtz!

    thank god I am more civilized to control what I am writing!

  • laura jensen posted 1825 days ago

    laura jensen

    OSU 2006 would ROLLL OVER the osu of 2013.

  • laura jensen posted 1825 days ago

    laura jensen

    You can't write up this stuff that Andrew say's. LOLLLLLLLLL OSU 2013 better than FLA 06 and 08 or even 09 when you have played ZERO top 15 teams in two years. I mean this is absurd stuff only OSU fans can dream up. OWNED.

  • Nick Salm posted 1833 days ago

    Nick Salm

    Andy, please consider this fact of how the Debacle in the Desert not only screwed the Badgers but, it also screwed OSU. Ohio State would also benefit from a 1 loss (albeit from OSU) Badger squad. In fact, they may be getting shafted worse than WI in the whole deal. The final results of that early season game against ASU continues to trickle down and how bad/big that officiating disaster continues to grow each week. I would like to see what the BCS/Power Rankings and other numbers would be if Bucky had won (sorry, had been credited with the win) that contest? That would be an interesting article…foreshadow, foreshadow, foreshadow:-)
    Nick - Appleton, Wisconsin

  • Anthony Zezima posted 1839 days ago

    Anthony Zezima

    This is not the forum for you to be making derogatory remarks about one Big Ten school, and its football team. Give your odds, and then follow the golden rule - if you do not have anything good to say, shut up. Purdue team members do not deserve such treatment from the media.