I have been writing about college football for more than 20 years, and the last three at Bleacher Report. I also write for the blog Eye And Eer at the Bloguin network. In a former life, I was a sports reporter and sports editor. In 2008, I teamed up with a good friend and another former sports editor to blog and do a podcast about college football.

I continue to attend and watch too many college football games in the fall, including Division III games. Among the most memorable games I have seen in person was the 1984 Orange Bowl when Bernie Kosar led the Hurricanes to a 31-30 win over No. 1 Nebraska and the 1988 Penn State-WVU game when Major Harris personally embarrassed the Nittany Lions with his passing and running skills in a 51-30 win at Mountaineer Field.

I've been around football my whole life as my father was a high school coach for nearly 30 years, and many of those players went on to play at some of the biggest programs (Michigan, Florida State, Miami, West Virginia, and so on).

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  • Lew Powell posted 2474 days ago

    Lew Powell

    Tom, you say Houston was upset by Southern Miss and that they won 11 games, so it shouldn't have hurt them so much in the polls. Actually Southern Miss was the only top 25 team that Houston played and Southern Miss totally dominated Houston on Houston's home field. Keenum is a great player, but Houston failed to perform when it counted against a ranked team. Southern Miss has won 5 CUSA titles, and beat Houston the last two years. They won 12 games and lost 2 games to 2 bad teams (by 6 to Marshall and by 3 to UAB), but they should be given credit for their performance against UH.

  • Ann Brooks posted 2485 days ago

    Ann Brooks

    With so many bowl games it's understandable that you might mix up the date but you're going to be pretty lonely trying to watch the Orange Bowl on Monday. It's actually going to be played on Jan.4th which is Wednesday. Everything else is right. I did notice that the Mountaineers are one of your favorite teams. My grandson is no.60 with Clemson, a redshirt
    sophomore and I can vouch for this team being extra special, You'll never meet a nicer bunch of guys.

  • Dave Morrison posted 2556 days ago

    Dave Morrison

    You earned it Tom! Great article, really enjoyed it. Keep up the awesome work!

  • Amy Daughters posted 2570 days ago

    Amy Daughters

    Hey Tom! Just wanted to drop in and say THANKS for your liking my article about Postgame Party Schools! Also, I enjoyed your piece on realignment, good stuff. THANKS again and take care!

  • Richard Goodson posted 2574 days ago

    Richard Goodson

    Great list Tom. Really good job. Would have loved to see 3 time All- American UGA Player David Pollack on that back 50 list, but I know you have to stop somewhere.

  • G D posted 2614 days ago

    G D

    Hey man I wrote an article about the Top 10 Pro Athletes Who Would Make Good UFC Fighters. Would love to hear what you think man. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/817080-10-pro-athletes-that-would-make-good-ufc-fighters

  • Tyler Collison posted 2617 days ago

    Tyler Collison

    Got it. Thanks for clearing that up—just something I thought to bring to your attention in case it wasn't intentional.

  • Matt Lange posted 2634 days ago

    Matt Lange

    Trying man. Just gotta get my name and site (langecreative.net) out there and that's been really hard.

  • Matt Lange posted 2637 days ago

    Matt Lange

    I want to bring the Louisiana College schedule poster to your attention. I know it's too late for the top 50, but I worked hard on it and am proud of it.


  • D Kesh posted 2646 days ago

    D Kesh

    Hey Tom, since I know you are still bitter about the Penn State victory over Miami in '87 I thought I would give you this quote from the article "the night college football went to hell". You probably didn't read my link but this is from a Penn State player, " we had a veteran defense, and we had six weeks to prepare. We had 150 different looks on defense just for that game.". Miami did not beat themselves. Superior preparation and execution beat superior talent that night. Maybe instead of coordinating their look they could have studied more film.