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  • Tom Rodgers posted 1808 days ago

    Tom Rodgers

    Like to Stir the pot much..

  • ghetto draco posted 1815 days ago

    ghetto draco

    Hey Randy, the AAC is an AQ conference, so, contrary to what one of your latest articles says, Louisville and UCF are both AQ teams. Get your facts straight.

  • notta retard posted 1828 days ago

    notta retard

    is it really that hard for you to write a neutral, factually accurate article instead of blatantly taking quotes out of context/misquoting people/flat out lying solely for the sake of getting more clicks and comments? you're supposed to be a journalist, not an attention whore

  • Steve Ashcraft posted 1834 days ago

    Steve Ashcraft

    Stop being a HACK. Here is the full interview:

    Reporter: Did you watch any football this weekend?
    Spencer: “Oh, yeah. I got to. I got to sit on my couch and just watch other college teams and then, yesterday, watched all the pro teams. It’s a good, relaxing few days.”
    Reporter: Obviously, you watched Alabama and LSU. Your thoughts on that.
    Spencer: “I mean, both teams are really good. LSU seemed to have some momentum at the beginning in being able to move the ball up and down the field. But Alabama, they’re one of the best technical teams in the country. So they kinda broke them down a little bit. But I saw holes in both teams and strengths in both teams.”
    Reporter: Does it happen when you’re watching a game, envision how Ohio State would play against Alabama or what you might do against them?
    Spencer: “Oh, yeah. Really since like midway through high school, every time I watch somebody else play, I always think about what I could have done there or what we would have done there as an offense or what we would have done there as a defense or what have you. It’s good to look at other competition and kind of mentally play a game while you’re sitting on the couch.”
    Reporter: So you did watch the Alabama game, and the Oklahoma-Baylor game and Stanford-Oregon. How do you think you guys would do against those teams.
    Spencer: “I guess I’m a little biased, but I think we’d, uh, we’d wipe the field with both of them. But that’s just my bias speaking.” (laughs)
    Reporter: That’s Alabama and who’s the other team?
    Spencer: “Whoever. Whoever.”
    Reporter: How much do you follow this, rooting for Stanford or rooting for an LSU?
    Spencer: “I was the biggest Cardinal fan for 3 hours because we needed a little bit of help but at the same time we still have to take care of our business. We have to go out there and show them that we’re one of the best offenses in the country, one of the best defenses in the country, and one of the best kicking games in the country. We know we have to go out there and take care of business that we have to handle, but we also know we need a little bit of help as well.”

  • Anthony Atwell posted 1835 days ago

    Anthony Atwell

    In regards to the article you wrote about Ohio State WR Spencer's comments on Alabama and FSU...

    I assume from this piece of garbage, that you are one of the many Buckeyes haters out there. A GOOD journalist leaves opinion out of his article and includes facts. And although, I don't agree that the Buckeyes would "wipe the floor" with either team, they possess one of the most explosive, dynamic, and unpredictable offenses in college football. They could easily beat either one of these teams. They have been tested against 4 teams with winning records, and have dominated teams all year. They have had to play four opponents following their respective bye weeks, and again, responded every time. They host the longest winning streak in college football and are knocking on the door of the all time Ohio State win streak record.

    So... lets look at a few of your bone-head comments...

    You call out Spencer for being the fourth most receiving yards on his team... Did he say "I could beat these teams all by myself."? No. He didn't. He spoke out of pride and confidence in his team. He obviously would fully expect HIS TEAM to win this hypothetical game, not him.

    Also, one of your final paragraphs... "And right now, Ohio State hasn't put together an impressive enough resume to be in the conversation." - Not true... they are THIRD IN THE COUNTRY. That is the definition of "in the conversation."

    "SEC schools used them to mop the floor." - how is this any better than what you are criticizing Spencer for? So... what you're saying is it's okay for a pompous jackass journalist to sling mud, but not a member of the team?

    Also... If you were really concerned with telling the whole story you would have included Spencer's twitter statements rather than the one line garbage update you put in.

    And finally... Coaches with class, and respect, don't rate their own team #1 in the coaches poll unless it is a national consensus. Otherwise, media f*cktards like yourself, write articles about them saying how they are delusional and only trying to get attention.

    This is one of the worst articles I have ever read on Bleacher Report. Stick to the facts next time, slick.

  • Luke D posted 1877 days ago

    Luke D

    That article you wrote on the NU college game day was extremely disrespectful. Northwestern is a very good team and will give Ohio St. all it can handle. Just one of the most disrespectful articles I have ever read.

  • Benny Dawkins posted 1909 days ago

    Benny Dawkins

    still liking those predictions?

  • Jimmy D posted 1911 days ago

    Jimmy D

    Randy, I appreciate the gutsy call on TCU vs LSU. I wish B/R did a report on who made the bold calls that paid off so we know who the real gurus are.

  • Chris Benedict posted 1941 days ago

    Chris Benedict

    Randy Chambers, you are a plague to this website.
    Stop being an instigator, and try writing about sports.

  • daniel magnuson posted 1943 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    regarding the martinez article '' you are a loser and have no life , you are just trying to stir up things , he just made a comparision , u are a retard '