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Benjamin Allbright, has been involved with the high school and collegiate athlete scouting business since 1999. He is widely regarded for his succinct, and often contrarian evaluations of quarterback prospects. He and his work have been featured on ESPN and Fox Sports Network, as well as a host of other mediums. Benjamin is proud to be bringing his work to Bleacher Report.

Author of the forthcoming book "Amatuers: Exploring the false narrative around paying college athletes"

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  • Greg Reed posted 2656 days ago

    Greg Reed

    Fales Scouting Report:

    This is a decent analysis. A couple points to consider now and moving forward:

    *It is probably more accurate to compare Fales now to where Wilson, Colin and Brees were in their collegiate careers, not what they have done since. Colin and to a large degree Brees, were not looked at in the same way while in college as since their performances in the pros.

    *There is some acknowledgment that under the previous regime, Fales fared much better and that under changing schemes and coaching he has suffered but it doesn’t seem to way into the overall analysis in a quantative manner. In other words, if Fales duplicate his performance and his team’s results from a year ago; would your analysis remain the same? Based on the metrics and arguments presented, one could question your conclusion.

    *Much of the success any quarterback has is impacted by the talent around him, especially the o-line and skill positions. Did you account for his performance given this metric and the superior counterparts that his peers may enjoy in the power conferences as well as the Mtn. West?

    Overall, your analysis is objective and I would welcome you to publish one for Boise State’s Joe Southwick, who among boosters and fans privately, is assessed as particularly weak but vehemently defended by the local media establishment in Boise.

    Instead, local pundits keep referring to Southwick’s highly deceptive completion percentage but fans and even children can see that he rarely throws beyond 8-10 yards vertically and when he does, it is either picked-off, overthrown or late such that the pass is dropped or if caught, the receiver is hit viciously.

    Please consider a scouting report on Joe Southwick.