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I am one of B/R UK's lead writers, focusing on football but occasionally indulging my knowledge of other sports.

I have had the good fortune to cover World Cups, Olympic Games, tennis slams and golf majors already in my career—and some have even said I'm almost close to getting the hang of it.

Twitter: @alexdimond

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  • Laura Greene posted 1384 days ago

    Laura Greene

    Enjoyed reading your Martinez article, Alex. Nice piece!

  • Will Scarlett posted 1622 days ago

    Will  Scarlett

    Just read your article on Brazil's 'Win at all costs' mentality. A fantastic piece of journalism - if only there were more articles like it.

  • Kack Welabee posted 1752 days ago

    Kack Welabee

    Just to follow up on a debate we had 3 years ago. Do Brazilians go to Europe for money or some dream top club? Well I think Neymar, Lucas. Paulinho and all the latest who FINALLY made the move have proven its for money. ...and lots of it. No money no move has been the mantra. Broke Europe means bye bye Brazilians. Argument 2 was the chicken and egg one Brazilians play in Europe cause they are the best or is it that Brazilians are the best cause they play in Europe. Well all the key players in the Brazil 3-0 spanking and domination of Confeds and Spain were Brazil based at the time as has always been the case. So yet another stat in your face. The fact is statistically Brazil has always played better with home based players. cheers SB ( Founder of the Brazil page)