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I love college football, especially Notre Dame Football. Let's say I'm old enough to have seen every home game in Notre Dame Stadium since 1971 in person. There's no other program like the Irish. None.

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  • Jeff Kalafa posted 2830 days ago

    Jeff Kalafa

    I dislike the Yankees, Duke Basketball, and the lastest version of the Miami Heat. Is there any "religious bigotry" here?

    "You follow this with a string of presumptuous questions…are you really so stupid that you think no one looked into any of these?"

    I just want to know what you think happened. Enlighten me!

  • Clashmore Mike posted 2830 days ago

    Clashmore Mike

    To Kalafa below: "I think you are competely wrong about my intentions and the possibillity that I would exploit the death of Declan Sullivan." I'm not wrong, and you know it. You just can't seem to understand that I UNDERSTAND YOU, Kalafa. I know what you are.

    "I feel that there are questions that must be answered!" Who gives a damn what you "feel?" Why do you presume to demand answers? No one owes you anything. All you are doing is flogging a painful tragedy for your own selfish goal.

    You follow this with a string of presumptuous questions…are you really so stupid that you think no one looked into any of these? Man...unbelievable. These are real people who are involved here. Are you incapable of understanding the hurt and distress jackasses like you cause by carrying on like you do? In your case all out of a malignant stew of religious bigotry and offense that Notre Dame wouldn't deign to play your precious Rutgers at home. My God, you are unbelievable.

    Go away. I told you not to contact me again. I mean it. If you keep after me I will contact the site administrator and see that action is taken.

  • Jeff Kalafa posted 2831 days ago

    Jeff Kalafa

    think you are competely wrong about my intentions and the possibillity that I would exploit the death of Declan Sullivan.

    I think I can be honest and say that at the time this happened I probably said to myself "wouldn't it be great if Kelly got fired".

    I was pretty upset about his leaving Cincinnati in the fashion he did. I'm not going to argue whether or not he had the right, I'm just saying I didn't like it.

    But after a while I realized that it was wrong to assign gult to anyone without knowing the facts--and I certainly didn't know them.

    I also realized it would be a terrible burden and a tragedy on its own for someone to have to deal with the fact that they were responsible for this, if they indeed were.

    It was wrong to even suggest that anyone involved (president, AD, coach, vidoe tech, etc.) could possibly be responsible without knowing all the facts.

    On the other hand I feel that there are questions that must be answered!

    Was this an avoidable incident?

    I want to know the details.

    I've heard two stories; one saying a strong unpredictable wind gust brought the tower down and another saying it was an outdated weather report that led to the collapse of the tower.

    Which won was it?

    I also want to know who was responsible for the operation of the tower. I can see that Kelly might not have any reason to be involved. I can see that the video crew might be an independent group that operated in a similar fashio to the grounds crew---totally divorced from Kelly. That's possible.

    I can see how a member of the video crew might have indeed made an innocent mistake and read the wrong weather report. That is certainly possible but I'd sure hope such a report would be released.

    But there are still questions that need to be answered;

    Was the video staff trained properly? Was Kelly responsible for making sure the tower was lowered as soon as the weather got bad?

    Was there a plan developed to handle a sudden worsening of the weather?

    Was it the responsibility of the AD to train the video crew and to delegate a chain of command for such an emergency?

    Did the president let the AD know that it was his responsiblity to train the staff?

    Should there been a series of double and triple checks on the weather report?

    Was it just plain wrong to call practice on such a windy day if there was a chance the toweres would go up, even if they manufacturer claimed they could handle a steady 25 mph wind.

    Was the investigation complete and honest?

    Was this tragedy just an unavoidable accident?

    I'm a Rutgers fan. If this happened at Rutgers on such a windy day, especially where every other school in the Northeast canceled outdoor practice, I'd ask the same questions.

  • Clashmore Mike posted 2831 days ago

    Clashmore Mike

    To Kalafa below: This is not merely because I am a "passionate ND fan." It is because there's nothing anyone anywhere could do or say to satisfy you. You are incapable of "clarity." Facts never matter to you. Common sense is a total stranger to you. You live in some alternate universe fueled by ignorance and bigotry. Sometimes its amusing. Usually it is infuriating and insulting. But in this case, your shameful insertion of yourself into this is beyond the pale. Exploiting the death of this poor student, and the grief and heartbreak it brought to his family, his friends, and his school just so you can nurse your grudge is disgusting. Don't post on my wall or contact me anymore. Your fake compassion makes me sick. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Jeff Kalafa posted 2831 days ago

    Jeff Kalafa

    I understand your emotion--you are a passionate ND fan.

    I decided to write this note on your bulletin board because it is a very serious matter and I certainly don't have enough facts to write an article like this on BR or any other publication.

    All I'm doing is looking for some clarity.

    The season is approaching and unless this was an accident, and not a case of negligence, it would be a shame for ND not to take responsibility.

    I doubt I would react any different if this occured at any other school.

    So instead of the personal attack maybe you can explain what took place on Oct 28th.

    I'd really like to know.

  • Clashmore Mike posted 2831 days ago

    Clashmore Mike

    To Kafala: Keep your malignant, uninvited comments to yourself. You are so ignorant you don't even know how ignorant you are. The only thing you have managed to do with your bigoted crusade against Notre Dame is make yourself a laughing stock on BR, and nearly get yourself banned. You should be ashamed of yourself, but you don't have enough character to even be embarrassed. Why don't you post that libel publicly where everyone can see it? Leave Declan Sullivan alone. You didn't know him, and don't care about him. You are just shamefully invoking him to slander Notre Dame. One more burst like this and I'm reporting you.

  • Jeff Kalafa posted 2831 days ago

    Jeff Kalafa

    I am surprized that any fervent Notre Dame fan like yourself could call any other college program "rotten to the core."

    I don't think anyone but a small group of insiders know what really happened on Oct, 28, 2011 when Declan Sullivan fell from that tower but it does appear that Notre Dame has gone out of their way to avoid sharing this information with the public.

    It's also very hard to explain why the shool president, the AD, and the head footbal coach have all transgressed through this tragedy vritually untouched.

    Claiming that on the windiest date in years that an "out of date" weather report was the reason why things went wrong is highly suspicious.

    Was this weather report two hours old, two weeks old, or two years old? Did it really exist?

    Kelly has stated that it wasn't his responsibitliy to deal with the weather reports. That may be so but whose resposibility was it to schedule practice on that day and whose responsiblity was it to stop pratice when it became clear that the winds were extremely strong?

    There are so many unaswered questions surrounding this incident that it baffles most every college football writer in the country.

    "Who was resposible for training the staff how to use the tower correctly" and "where on that day did the buck stop" are just a couple.

    It's also very surprizing that there have been no Notre Dame supporters on this site, and only one in the media that have called out for some real answers.

    The only Notre Dame supporter that issued any type of public questioning of the way this situation was handled was a young female reporter for the Notre Dame student newspaper. Shorty after her statement she conveiniently got fired.

    I really hope this was an "accident" couldn't have been avoided but until it is clear that is was--I wouldn't be so quick to criticize the morality of any other college football program.

  • M Crisp posted 3156 days ago

    M Crisp

    Well Michigans off to a good start, maybe ND will win against ONE of the Mich teams? Or not

  • Clashmore Mike posted 3248 days ago

    Clashmore Mike

    And Jim,...I am indeed at every home game, and I'd love to stop by the tailgate sometime!

  • Born in the Era of Ara posted 3250 days ago

    Born in the Era of Ara


    We need your wisdom to help shut up Mr. Jeff Kalafa. Edna and I just can't seem to talk any logic into this guy. I would love to read one of your witty responses to his argument that college football players should be paid.

    Link to article is:

    Also, if you are at all of the home games, we would love to have you stop by our tailgate and say hello. Additional contact information can be provided if you are interested.

    Hope to read your comments on the alleged "conversation" we're struggling through with Mr. Kalafa.

    Jim Kirkwood