Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan Wilson


Jonathan Wilson is a revered football writer and arguably the game's most respected tactical brain. Author of six books, including the acclaimed, "Inverting the Pyramid", Wilson contribute to Sports Illustrated, the Guardian among others and is the editor of The Blizzard. Jonathan has been on the BR staff since 2013 and contributes in text and video for Bleacher Report.

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  • Momo posted 1929 days ago


    Hi Mr.Wilson

    You're obviously well-versed in football tactics and it would be such a treat if you could a series of articles about the greatest tactical innovations, ideas in the history.

    You could do one article on how the 1974 Netherlands played their total football
    Another one on how the 1982 Brazil played under Tele Santana
    Another one on the greatest Italian club side : Arrigo Sacchi's AC Milan
    Another one on Pep Guardiola's FC Barcelona
    Another one on how the catenaccio under Helenio Herrera
    Another one on the W-M played by Arsenal under Herbert Chapman, etc....

    Like you get the idea, it would be insane if you could that. And why do I think you should do it?

    Because you're the best journalist when it comes to football tactics

    So I hope you'll consider my suggestion and you'll make something like that

    A 19-year-old football lover

  • Gerard Bernat posted 2079 days ago

    Gerard Bernat

    you're a muppet.

  • Nick Sinclair posted 2229 days ago

    Nick Sinclair

    Hi Mr Wilson,

    Just reading inverting the pyramid and I must say its great because I'm really into tactics. My question for you is what are your world cup predictions and as a Dortmund fan, where d
    do you think we need to improve tactically?

  • Chris Gluck posted 2333 days ago

    Chris Gluck

    Jonathan - interesting article; you'll know this better than me in following European football but within the MLS the number of shots taken by a team has absolutely no correlation to who wins the match (~.2000) for all 646 games last year; so while possession itself, as you indicate has little bearing on the 'result' of a game 'shots taken', over the average season, has even less relevance than possession. And in many cases, as within MLS last year the top teams in MLS had acutally had fewer shots taken than the bottom teams in MLS - reinforcing that the game isn't necessarily about 'quantity' but more about 'quality'... I would offer in the case of this game the single 'red card', as you pointed out, is what drove the greatest influence in this result - and that coupled with the overwhelming possession that Barca had was the single greatest 'influence' on that red-card event occuring... regardless - good article - poor result for MCFC (very disappointing!) but sometimes, for me, I'm more disappointed that the statistics of a match are misinterpretted...

  • football fanatic posted 2384 days ago

    football fanatic

    Thanks for this article. I'm so glad to see that BR is recognizing people from all over the world. You can't see this type of articles in many other places on the web, specific websites only focus on the EPL. Excellent!

  • Lucky Cherry posted 2410 days ago

    Lucky Cherry

    Is this the same Jonathan that used to write for Hotbox Sports?

  • Joshua Martinez posted 2517 days ago

    Joshua Martinez

    Welcome to Bleacher Report! Its great to have have you, I couldn't believe it when I saw you were here!