I graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and am currently attend West Chester University to receive my Master's in Public Administration and Sports Management. During my time in school I received my certificate in sports journalism from the John Curley Center for Sports. I grew up and lived in the Philadelphia area my entire life, minus a short two year stint in North Carolina. Follow me on twitter @MikeMill23

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  • Michael Mill posted 2316 days ago

    Michael Mill

    Thanks DSauce!

    It's quite obvious that you also dislike LeBron James. The fact that you are willing to throw me into that category is quite the compliment!

    I'm slightly upset that you didn't have further remarks to make about the use of percentages as the basis of statistics in sports. Is it because others agreed with me? I was wondering what it is you would like to look at? Raw numbers? By that standard Barry Sanders and Walter Payton are poor running backs as well.

  • Dsauce money posted 2316 days ago

    Dsauce money

    Don't like your articles. Not a senior analyst, poor stats

  • denise davis posted 2476 days ago

    denise  davis

    Michael - I just happened to come across your article stating that Tebow's last game was going to be against the Steelers. I just have to wonder what makes you write an article before the game is played. I also have to question what makes you the "Senior Analyst" you look to be nothing but a child. I'm not a senior nor an analyst, but my advise to you Michael.... wait for the game to be played before you write a story!

  • Kevin Moore posted 2494 days ago

    Kevin Moore

    Gunner Kiel article - Chip Kelly does not coach at Notre Dame nor do they run with Dual threat QB's.....Once again Bleacher Report loses all credibility as a legitimate news source for sports.

  • Dee guerrero posted 2761 days ago

    Dee guerrero

    Have you heard any buzz on D-2 National Special Teams Player of the Year GARRETT TIDWELL (Angelo State)---small, but very quick and elusive---2 time All-American and the most explosive runner we have seen here at Angelo State. His recent Elite Combine 40 time was 4:44 and ran a 4:40 for Toronto. Keep an eye out for him!

  • Donald Wood posted 2807 days ago

    Donald Wood

    Whats up man? Good to see another philly kid on here

  • Mike Kent posted 2808 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    Hi, the bleacher report fantasy baseball league is looking for players. If you want to play send me your email and I will send you a invite. First come first serve

  • Vanessa Paxson posted 2875 days ago

    Vanessa Paxson

    Your article, "Donovan McNabb to the Pro Bowl: Project Donolulu" written on November 15, 2010 made mention of Kivuusama Mays. Do you care to elaborate about Mr. Mays?