Tim Parent

Tim Parent


A news junkie at heart, Tim Parent has also been known to buy a dime-bag of sports from time to time. He is a casual observer of the sports world, frequent viewer of SportsCenter and a waiting-room reader of Sports Illustrated.

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  • Steve Smith posted 4162 days ago

    Steve Smith


    I thought you might like this piece. It’s a personal look back at the Florida Marlins incredibly shocking upset of the New York Yankees in the 2003 World Series.


    Let me know what you think.


    Daniel Barber aka Hotnuke

  • Glenn Card posted 4228 days ago

    Glenn Card

    Hi Tim
    I know it's not exactly the kind of work Leroy Watson and Dr. Giles were looking to inspire through the new article tag "Sports and STEM, but as always I took my own road. Hope you enjoy.

  • Glenn Card posted 4247 days ago

    Glenn Card

    I was stuck on the number, the 50th is done.

  • Glenn Card posted 4281 days ago

    Glenn Card

    Had to get back to what I enjoy most, humor. This one is a little acidic as well.
    It's a Patriots call to arms.

  • Andy R posted 4288 days ago

    Andy R

    The AFC side is done, but here's the breakdown of each NFC team and their quarterback situations, predictions, and more! ENJOY!


  • Isaac Scheidt posted 4294 days ago

    Isaac Scheidt

    Hey I just wrote my opinion about all the Michael Vick media attention and I am curious of your response. Let me know what you think:



  • Glenn Card posted 4315 days ago

    Glenn Card

    I had another go at the "Unimportant" series.

  • Glenn Card posted 4318 days ago

    Glenn Card

    I collaborated in a series prompted by Dann Khan. It’s an interesting theme and intent.

  • Kevin van Steendelaar posted 4319 days ago

    Kevin  van Steendelaar

    30th Anniversary of the Bruins/Canadiens "Too many men on the ice" game: