Sam Nassar

Sam Nassar


Sam is a native of suburban Detroit and an enthusiastic fan of MMA. He came to California to attend Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood to further his education in film and ultimately pursue a career in film. He studied all aspects of film –editing, sound, camera, lighting, art direction, directing, producing and writing—majoring in producing, directing, and writing. While his aspirations were focused on directing, he excelled in writing over the years, and continues to actively pursue bringing his screenplays to the silver screen.

Next to his passion of film, Sam has been equally passionate about MMA, his favorite amongst all sports. He has been a die hard fan for years and a participant in the sport himself, being an avid marital artist. In addition to taking MMA classes, he has studied Tae Kwan Do, Japanese Ju-Jitsu, BJJ, Muay Thai.

Sam’s enthusiasm for MMA, and his personal participation in the sport give him a unique perspective as he follows the fighters, their styles, their fights and their journeys in MMA. While he enjoys watching the contests as a fan, he also studies and analyzes the twists and turns in their careers. Through their victories and defeats, through research and interviews, Sam learns how they have grown and evolved in the sport, and what may have contributed to their success or failures.

He enjoys sharing his insight and perspective through the articles he writes for two MMA based websites to inform and energize the fan base and spark interest in new fans. Through his articles, Sam adds to the dialogue, excitement and growing popularity of Mixed Martial Arts.

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