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About Joel Greer (Michigan Fats):

I’ve been around sports since the third grade, riding the bus with the “big kids” to Detroit Red Wings and Tigers games. Probably my best moment was not earning all-city honors in golf, nor coaching a youth football team to an undefeated season. It was actually scoring a goal in a pick up hockey game at the old Olympia Stadium in Detroit.

Now a Featured Columnist for Michigan football at Bleacher Report, I’m delighted to share my interest in the Wolverines. As a student at the University of Michigan, I joined the sports staff at the student-run Michigan Daily in 1969—once taking a taxi-cab from Duluth, MN to Houghton, MI with six young ladies headed for the Winter Carnival at Michigan Tech.

The following year I began phoning in Michigan hockey covers to the Ann Arbor News while on the road.

I also spent time with the Michigan Athletic Department, serving on the Advisory Committee for Recreation, Intramurals and Club Sports.

Other than journalism, I also worked in advertising and printing before my retirement in 2009.

I've recently spent some of my spare time coaching golf for the First Tee organization, a group affiliated with the World Golf Foundation and Hall of Fame in St. Augustine, FL.

* * *

My current nickname evolved on the second floor of the (University of) Michigan Union sometime in 1970, when the Student Activities Center sponsored a billiards exhibition with Luther "Wimpy" Lassiter as himself. Assigned the story by the Michigan Daily, I arrived on the scene an hour early, hopefully in time for a casual interview with a great pool shark, and a quick lesson.

Wimpy ripped my stroke, all right, and joked about my " obvious" resemblance to his pal, "Minnesota Fats." With the grace of Paul Newman, Wimpy displayed his skills by sinking ball after ball: 10, 20, 30 in a row.
It was probably 20 minutes later, when he finally lost the table. "Don't take all day, Minnesota," Wimpy joked."
The joke was really on me as my buddy hollered across the room, "Luther, he's not from Minnesota, he's from Michigan."

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  • David Conrad posted 2390 days ago

    David Conrad

    Still feel Brady Hoke is a better recruiter than Meyer?

  • Chris J posted 2652 days ago

    Chris J

    Miss your articles Joel.

  • Gail Cowling posted 2770 days ago

    Gail Cowling

    Joel, I understand it would be much too painful to write (and read) about Michigan football this year but how about some of your witty observations on hockey or basketball?

  • BRUTUS1 posted 2802 days ago


    Joel, we miss you articles!

  • Tanner Tibbetts posted 2972 days ago

    Tanner Tibbetts

    Wow Joel You have a lot of achievements why are you such a stud!!!

  • Mike Chiari posted 2983 days ago

    Mike  Chiari

    I'm not sure what you're talking about, but the Masters are absolutely a PGA Tour event. What other type of event would it possibly be? It's a PGA, European and Japanese tour money event.

  • Jimmy Couto posted 2983 days ago

    Jimmy Couto


    I run a uniform blog called InsideUnis, and I recently posted an article about why Michigan quarterbacks have started wearing orange jerseys. It has been picked up by CBS sports, Yahoo sports, and UniWatch. I'm not exactly sure who to send this article to for consideration on Bleacher Report, so I have sent a few emails out, and I hope you can help me out. Here is the link:

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Jimmy Couto

  • Ray Schultz posted 2988 days ago

    Ray Schultz

    Can't wait for tomorrow. Go Blue!!!!

  • BRUTUS1 posted 2997 days ago


    Good Luck tonight! Mich vs KU should be a great game!

  • Jared Bouck posted 3001 days ago

    Jared Bouck

    you should make an Article "7 ways you know your a Michigan fan", would be an interesting article and it seems like most teams have an article like that right now, please make one