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  • Shah Ransh posted 2287 days ago

    Shah Ransh

    Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the greatest finisher of all time. ;) He has the highest average in successful run-chases(100, Bevan comes 2nd at a distant 86) and the highest average as a Captain in run chases and the highest average while batting second.
    Even a combination of Akram, Warne and Muralidharan can't do anything to him in the death overs. Bowlers just have to pray that somehow, he stays off the strike. The man obtains huge psychological edge in the end. The bowler is whacked for boundaries. I read this in a paper that Gambhir has said that Dhoni sometimes stretches matches so that the bowler loses all his competence in the death overs. The guy can keep his cool at any possible moment.
    From TOI.
    "S Badrinath, who has seen Dhoni doing this time and again for CSK, says that even a yorker is not always a safe option to Dhoni in such situations. "He can generate extreme power from his bottom-hand. He uses the depth of the crease and digs out yorkers in a way that is unique to him."

    When Dhoni was asked by presenter Arun Lal after the win how he pulled off these close chases time and time again, Dhoni said with a smile: "Probably I am blessed with some good cricket sense." His "cricket sense" sometimes gets annoying for the fans, who get edgy and suspect that Dhoni stretches the match to the final over as a matter of habit.

  • Eric Newman posted 2305 days ago

    Eric Newman

    Hi Sports. Here's my latest:

    Sort of a tie-in with World War Z.

  • Shah Ransh posted 2306 days ago

    Shah Ransh

    I swear to God, If India has to share the trophy with England, I will kill you.

  • john cena posted 2309 days ago

    john cena


  • Eric Newman posted 2309 days ago

    Eric Newman

    Hi Sports. Here's ,my newest piece:


  • Shah Ransh posted 2309 days ago

    Shah Ransh

    The Viper is saying some shit about Indians based in England.


    I am here to launch my own operation, OPERATION LET NUCKING FUTS MAKE A DEBUT ON THE RAYLIGHT REEL

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  • Eric Newman posted 2311 days ago

    Eric Newman

    Hi Sports. Here's my latest:

  • Push The Pace posted 2312 days ago

    Push The Pace

    Heels are better yes, but when it comes to faces, they are better when they aren't acting like childs. Meaning, a tweener type of face is awesome. Much like Austin was a face, but still attacked other faces as well and was cheered for it.

  • Travis Taylor posted 2312 days ago

    Travis Taylor

    I'll be on WE eventually. I doing some ghostwriting right now.