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It isn't easy to be a fan of Seattle sports... but Darin still loves the Seahawks and Mariners. He loosely follows soccer, and would love to have an NHL team in Seattle. As odd as it sounds, he supports UW AND WSU sports, as well as Eastern WA Univ athletics and Gonzaga Basketball. Between undergraduate and graduate studies, he's taken classes at all of those schools. One thing he won't talk about is the NBA...the league is out of hand.

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  • tyler skelton posted 1769 days ago

    tyler skelton

    hahaha you couldn't have been more wrong with your 2012 article about the Seahawks draft. Can you say Super Bowl champs? You look like an idiot.

  • Ahmd AbdAllah posted 1771 days ago

    Ahmd AbdAllah


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  • Go Hawks posted 1969 days ago

    Go Hawks

    Thanks a lot. You got me believing in B/R for Seahawks coverage and then you up and leave. It has become a trash heap. Just read yet another article full of errors and B@S and I just feel like venting but don't know who to yell at. Blah blah blah.

  • Erik HODNE posted 2166 days ago

    Erik HODNE

    Hey Darin,

    Did you hear what Golston had to say about Wilson's height?

  • Brandan Schulze posted 2226 days ago

    Brandan Schulze

    Great game for the Hawks yesterday! Loved how they showed up in the second half to go up by two scores, keep AP in check, and then finish off the game with the ball.

  • roger schafer posted 2247 days ago

    roger schafer

    4-2 looks like the hawks are for real - this is a serious playoff team No teams what to play the hawks

  • roger schafer posted 2253 days ago

    roger schafer

    Darin is Joey Rebb still writing ?

  • Ryan R posted 2253 days ago

    Ryan R

    correct me if im wrong but if theTexans give up 201 or more yards to the Jets on Monday night the Seahawks will have the #1 Defense in the NFL??? Would this be True?

  • roger schafer posted 2258 days ago

    roger schafer

    Darin I said 11 -5 this year you said 10-6 if the coaching on the O side of the ball does not wake up we both will be wrong -this team should be 3-1 or 4-0 gota play to your strengths that means use all of your player to the strengths.

  • Brandan Schulze posted 2277 days ago

    Brandan Schulze

    Wow! I was feeling pretty good about my move up to "Contributor II" until I saw that you have more than two million reads on your stories. Well done, sir!