I am a die-hard Liverpool FC supporter from the day I started watching football...(although I LOVE good Football above all else)..Must admit I am thoroughly disappointed to have missed the Golden era of the REDS...LIVE... However, I hope that GOLDEN "History Repeats" soon...I have watched the REDs from the time of Fowler and Owen..and consider myself really fortunate to have Witnessed the "GREATEST COMEBACK" feat at Istanbul..
Besides football , I love Cricket and Tennis, F1 and Chess....
Common Nadal..we await the The NADALUTION...

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  • Robert Hohl posted 2569 days ago

    Robert Hohl

    You were right about Bryan Ruiz! We discussed his possibilities years ago and you had serious doubts about him fitting in the Premier League. I thought he had a chance to shine but ended up just getting pushed around. He does fine playing with the Costa Rican National team but in England he was just another guy. Hopefully he'll do better with his next club.

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  • David Hendrick posted 3307 days ago

    David Hendrick

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    You've been on top of all the latest transfer rumours so just in case you saw the one about Kuyt to Gala I've covered it - http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1009476-dirk-kuyt-could-the-dutchman-leave-liverpool-for-galatasaray-in-january

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