I love college football. I was born in Birmingham, Alabama, raised in Southwest Virginia, and attended college in Overland Park, Kansas (Johnson County Community College)and Birmingham, Alabama (UAB). I currently live in Charlotte, NC. I have lived in 6 different states, giving me a pretty wide perspective on fans from different parts of the country, but mostly the southeast. Southeastern conference football is my passion, but I love all college football no matter who is playing. I am a fan of a few other mainstream sports, including baseball, basketball, tennis, golf, boxing, mma, and Nascar. I am a sports junkie, and I love discussing sports of any kind. I don't pretend to be an expert on anything, but I have a passion for sports that comes from my mom and dad, who both were as passionate as I am, especially concerning the University of Alabama.

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  • Kreskin Annihilation posted 3490 days ago

    Kreskin Annihilation

    What's up 12?

  • Bill N posted 3580 days ago

    Bill N

    I would love to get your comments on “With NCAA Amateurism a Joke, Here's How to Fix the Mess” at: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/741984-ncaa-and-amateurism-are-a-joke-how-to-fix-the-college-football-mess

    I hope you find that this article finally pulls together the problems with the NCAA and practical solutions that will help the athletes and colleges.

    Thanks, Bill

  • Puppet Master posted 3771 days ago

    Puppet Master

    2 time defending champion, you got to defend your title.


    Doc Masters

  • Bill N posted 3778 days ago

    Bill N

    You might be interested in this article that I put on the Auburn site to get their reaction: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/535023-do-the-usc-reggie-bush-auburn-cam-newton-and-other-cases-show-a-corrupt-ncaa
    Thanks, Bill

  • Puppet Master posted 3852 days ago

    Puppet Master


    To: 12

    From: Doc Masters

  • Puppet Master posted 3852 days ago

    Puppet Master

    12, What are you doing these days? You need to be featured on this series of mine each week.

    I've got to have realistic information on Alabama and you are the man to give it along with Tim.

    You get a chance, check out this article. The 3 Amigos have wondered where you were this season.

    Take a gander at that Page 17 picture, I know you'll like it.

    Let me hear from you.

    Doc Masters

  • Puppet Master posted 3874 days ago

    Puppet Master

    12 where do you go for days at a time? One might start thinking you are the Man From U.N.C.L.E. or something.

    Would you take a look at this article and see if you can find any suggestions of any of these games being closer than it appears?

    You know I appreciate your time and input.


    Doc Masters

  • Puppet Master posted 3895 days ago

    Puppet Master

    If you have the time you know I would like to hear your feedback.


    When you get a moment, please give me a note about what you think of this article.

    Appreciate your time......Doc Masters

  • Puppet Master posted 3899 days ago

    Puppet Master

    Mr. 12, a list sprinkled with references to your favorite team.

    If you have a chance, please read and let me know if you remember the featured star of the 1980s page.

    Thanks, Doc Masters


  • Ron Pittman posted 3901 days ago

    Ron Pittman

    Hey 12....Charlotte, NC here also...where you located?....I was also at the 1980 Sugar Bowl game....awesome...so many memories....