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  • atlkingzz 4life posted 1061 days ago

    atlkingzz 4life

    fear the queer thought i forgot u? we finally destroyed ur last place whiners this season LMAO.... watch us maul through those seachickens better be rooting for us....

  • Typical Crying Bungholes Fan posted 1179 days ago

    Typical Crying Bungholes Fan

    HAHAAHAHAHHA bandwagoner

  • Gangrene posted 1432 days ago


    Your D is so good it ranks 3rd in a conference that is near pathetic on offense. Your D wouldn't be nearly as highly ranked if you played in the Pac. If local law enforcement actually did its job then I wonder how many of your Criminoles would actually be on the field? Oregon has won more total nation championships that fsu. Guess your only a football school, 1 dimensional I'd say.

  • atlanta da kingzz posted 1526 days ago

    atlanta da kingzz

    wassup ttc. its ya boi KINGZ bruhh. back in yo mofo ga dome foo. yo fear da QUEER how bout dem WHINETURDZZ son HAHAHAHA. atl kickin yo butt son. i iz BACH HAHAHA

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 1793 days ago


    @weda teamizback

    Speaking of tampons, you change your user name more than a woman does her tampons, so that qualifies you as a tampon. FSU doesn't want to get 30 something wins like cryami we want to do what FSU does. Miami also has 0 acc championships since joining a real conference something you won't be doing anytime soon.

    As far as the Niners, we all know SF was banged up and had more injuries than the Seachickens players using ped's. I remember you saying you were a Seattle/Dolphins fan so don't highlight the team that is winning. I could see Miami were wininng you would be claiming them. Come back at me when you have one team that your a fan of, and then also come talk to me when Miami can win the coastal division. Until then, you are just a bandwagon wannabe fan. Now go change your screen name for the 30th time, because that's the only streak FSU won't be beating changing our name like you do. GO NOLES and NINERS!

  • weda teamizback posted 1804 days ago

    weda teamizback

    oh and your 40 whiners got SWEPT LOST TO RAIDERS LMAO

  • weda teamizback posted 1804 days ago

    weda teamizback

    couldnt get 30 straight like us, HAHAHAHAHA are you crying in your tampons? WAAAHHH

  • GO BUCS,NOLES,HEAT Thomas posted 1806 days ago



  • AJ Singh posted 1839 days ago

    AJ Singh

    Well that was ahem interesting.. Good game see you in 2 weeks

  • we da team posted 1853 days ago

    we da team

    wassup we da team iz back. U thought I was gonna miss this? huh? miami wins 31 FSUcks 0. we comin back 4 a dynasty son