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You may remember me from websites like,,, or, or maybe you've tolerated my inane ramblings on Twitter @fosterdj.

I'm thrilled to be on board with Bleacher Report as an NBA Lead Writer, focusing heavily on transactions around the league.

Don't be bashful with any questions you might have. That's why I'm here. Thanks for reading!

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  • Robert Fisher posted 1528 days ago

    Robert Fisher

    I assume you are supposed to be a professional writer, so I will address something you might want to clean up in your writing.

    "try and" has crept into the language but is illogical.

    The word and "connects sentences, clauses, or words within a clause." Chicago Manual of Style 5.180

    You wrote "They can try and compete by playing young players." So what are the two parts that are being connected? One part is "compete by playing young players," and the other part is "They can try?" Try what?

    Further you wrote:
    Playing time doesn't always equate to successful development for young players anyhow, and so it's commendable that the Lakers would try and build a winning environment in the hopes that Bryant is recovered first and foremost.

    (the Lakers would try) Part 1 and (build a winning environment) Part 2 - Again, try what?

    The solution is to use "to try to" or leave it out and state it straight up. "so it's commendable that the Lakers would build a winning environment in the hopes that Bryant is recovered first and foremost."

    A professional writer works to improve the language.

  • Two Top Ten Rox posted 1717 days ago

    Two Top Ten  Rox

    Article "Point Guard Upgrades the Houston Rockets Could Pursue This Offseason"
    according to your definition, what's the different between upgrades and downgrades?

    older age - upg'd or downg'd?
    bigger/longer/stupid contract - upg'd or downg'd?
    prone to injury - upg'd or downg'd?
    undersized, defensive liability - upg'd or downg'd?

    dude, your articles needed to be upgraded.

  • The Cowardula posted 1738 days ago

    The Cowardula

    Do u think the Thunder will win the title this season? I do.

  • High Minds posted 1740 days ago

    High Minds

    Whose dick did you sucked to write here ? SMH,you are the worst writer here by far.

  • Jackson Hoy posted 1837 days ago

    Jackson Hoy

    Boogie is a threat to 'Sheed's record! Really love all your articles!

  • Rap City posted 1847 days ago

    Rap City

    your wack. dont ever write about my raptors again!

  • Lindsey Young posted 1989 days ago

    Lindsey Young

    I really enjoyed your FA piece -- thanks for a good read!