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  • Xeno-philous F posted 3688 days ago

    Xeno-philous F

    My last piece before the tonight's final and last post on your wall

  • Chad Lundberg posted 3700 days ago

    Chad Lundberg

    Hey pussy! Where'd you go???

  • Jonathan Stilwell posted 3720 days ago

    Jonathan Stilwell

    DA - HI! - Here is a tribute to Bert Blyleven and his quest for the HOF - hope you enjoy!

  • Blaine Spence posted 3804 days ago

    Blaine Spence

    With just a couple of days before the 2010 Ford Ironman Championship in Hawaii, I talk with one of the favorites—last year's runner-up, American Chris Lieto:


  • Xeno-philous F posted 3830 days ago

    Xeno-philous F

    I am hoping you have time to read my new piece.
    Thank you so much,
    Title: 2010 US Open Semifinal: 2nd Best Novak Djokovic To Topple Roger Federer

  • Crabber 1967 . posted 3844 days ago

    Crabber 1967 .

    Hello D.A.! My latest article: Walmart Will Not Be Sponsoring Jeff Gordon.

  • Romi Ezzo posted 3855 days ago

    Romi Ezzo

    Love the link in your "about me" box. Mark Buehrle is the man!

  • Jonathan Stilwell posted 3871 days ago

    Jonathan Stilwell

    Hi DA - here is the next in the series - the tigers all-time starting rotation - comments welcome -

  • Jonathan Stilwell posted 3879 days ago

    Jonathan Stilwell

    DA - Hi - here is the next installment in the series - the Cleveland Indians all-time starting rotation and staff - Hope you enjoy -

  • D A posted 3889 days ago

    D A

    Wow. sorry for stealing your initials. I really didn't know. Well in terms of B/R. I have had mine since 1976 :)